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    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Staking and Staking Rewards


    Staking is a way for us to reward our community members for having a long term mindset and locking up their AXS tokens. By staking your AXS you’ll be able to earn AXS rewards when you lock up your tokens through the staking dashboard. In the future, staking AXS will give you voting rights and a say over the use of the .


    Incentivizing stakers to add value to Axie Infinity – The Axie Score.

    In the future, we may upgrade our staking system to give better rewards to those that have measurably added value to the Axie ecosystem prior to claiming. There is still much research and experimentation to be done in this aspect of governance.

    The stakers who are not players or interested in participating in governance could be able to delegate their required “work” to other parties.

    This might lead to a future where guilds or corporations with massive amounts of AXS will need to look for talented players who can ensure a high enough Axie score to collect weekly yield.


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Ecosystem Fund

    Gradual over 4 years

    The ecosystem fund will initially be managed by the Sky Mavis core team, and its core purpose is to grow the Axie Infinity community.

    The principles for the fund are as follows:

    Clear value added to the broader Axie Infinity community

    KPIs and goals that unlock funds (if applicable)

    As time passes the ecosystem fund will be integrated into the DAO and stakers will be able to vote on who should receive funding.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Sky Mavis

    Token Amount

    Sky Mavis is the team behind Axie Infinity and should remain incentivized to keep building after a successful token sale. By locking up the majority of the allocated supply the team, community and investors have aligned incentives

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF


    Axie Infinity is a new type of game – one where users and the core development team are both incentivized to work together to grow the network.

    In January, 2022,​

    Axie is widely recognized as the largest and strongest community in NFT gaming.

    Although the Axie community is relatively small when compared to conventional games, the amount of user-generated content and evangelism is very high.

    Here is a guide for Axie content creators:

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Third-party development

    We believe the Axie universe can be a powerful medium for attracting developers to blockchain technology and as a potential launchpad for Indie developers.

    To date, the Axie community has built a variety of tools and experiences such as:

    tools for appraising Axies.

    tools for enhanced market search.

    Small mini-games‌

    Community websites to aggregate useful info

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Decentralized Organization

    Through AXS, Axie Infinity will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization

    This process occurs as AXS is distributed among players and stakers, with the Sky Mavis ownership becoming less concentrated over time.

    The Sky Mavis team will be able to vote with the locked Play to Earn and Staking rewards allocations. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of development. We estimate that Sky Mavis will no longer have the Majority vote by October 2023.


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Decentralized Organization

    Version 0 – October, 2020 / Token generation event

    No voting possible

    Version 1 First half 2021 / Staking dashboard released

    AXS holders can stake their tokens through the staking dashboard and participate in governance votes brought forward by the Sky Mavis team.

    These votes will revolve around which teams should receive funding from the ecosystem fund, and how the Community treasury should be distributed.

    Version 2 – Early 2022

    More on-chain votes about smaller issues.

    Potentially changing the way votes are being counted from 1 token 1 vote to Quadratic voting.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Version 3 – September 2023 / Decentralized Organization

    AXS holders determine which governance framework should be used and how much should be voted on. Some decisions will not be up for debate such as token supply which is iron-clad in smart contracts.

    Potential things that can be voted on:

    Should Axie Infinity Limited continue to pay Sky Mavis to develop Axie Infinity?

    Should Axie Infinity use the marketplace created by Sky Mavis?

    How should the Community Treasury be used to reward AXS holders and the broader Axie community?

    Should the Community Treasury funds be attached to any yield farming/staking services such as Yearn.finance or Rari.Capital?

    and more.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Future revenue streams

    Axie Infinity will be run using a Game-as-a-Service model where new features will be introduced over time. Axie can potentially earn revenue from selling Axies, Land, cosmetics, and in-game consumables. Additionally, there will be fees when players want to level up their game characters, play in tournaments, and craft new assets.

    The Community Treasury will begin to accumulate fees once the staking dashboard is enabled. All the fees and revenue generated by Axie Infinity will be placed in the Community Treasury which is governed by the AXS holders.

    For now, these are the primary fees in the Axie universe:

    A breeding fee, paid in AXS, for breeding Axies.

    A 4.25% Axie Marketplace fee taken from successful sales of Axie NFT assets: Axies, land, and land items.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF


    Our engineering team is made up of top technical talent from Vietnam. Many of our team members met through competitive coding competitions and hackathons such as the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Our team members are thought leaders in Vietnam’s Rust community and have presented their findings to the broader community in various tech talks.

    Decentralization and Blockchain

    We initially chose Ethereum back in 2018 due to the number of developers building on the platform, and the ability to recruit initial community members. As time passed it became clear that building a blockchain game solely on Ethereum would not be feasible from a scalability standpoint.

    We have learned that while our users care about blockchain technology they are focused on the benefits it can bring, rather than decentralizing too many features. As long as we provide a tamper-evident distributed ledger that ensures scarcity and allows our players to own and trade their assets it will be enough, for now.

    The mechanics of Play to Earn do not require a fully decentralized public blockchain. We believe that part of the ethos of web 3 is the idea of users being rewarded for the value that they bring to applications and this is what we choose to focus on with Axie.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Ronin Ethereum Sidechain

    Sky Mavis is currently creating Ronin — an Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity. A Ronin was a samurai without a master in feudal Japan and Ronin represents our desire to take the destiny of our product into our own hands.

    Security & Consensus

    To help secure Ronin, we have recruited an all-star cast of partners from the traditional gaming, crypto, and nonfungible token space to serve as validators of our network.

    The Future of Ronin

    Here’s a message directly from Trung, CEO of Sky Mavis:

    “We are very excited about the possibilities Ronin brings. Though it’s still in an early state, Ronin will continuously evolve over the years to serve the spirit and ethos of blockchain gaming. On the technical side, we are also looking into various solutions to further strengthen and scale Ronin. zKSyncs, for example, is looking promising, but it could take time until it’s production-ready — particularly for NFTs and games.”

    An extended AMA with Trung about Ronin can be found ​

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Roadmap and completed milestones


    Please note that there are many things that could change the ordering of these priorities including massive traction, breakthrough research, and feedback from the community. In addition, it should be understood that these are projections that we are making to the best of our ability but are subject to many potential disruptions. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that’s incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology.

    Q1 2020: Land and Items migrated to Ronin ✔️

    Q2 2021: Axies migrated to Ronin ✔️

    Q2 2021: Axie: Origin Alpha ✔️

    Q3 2021: $AXS staking ✔️

    2022: Land Gameplay Community Alpha

    2022: $AXS ecosystem begins


    Play to Earn

    Mainstream release of Axie Infinity on iOS/Android

    2022: Land gameplay

    2022: Lunacia SDK Alpha

    The endgame is to create a single application which players can use to interact with the entire Axie Infinity universe:

    Social network


    Progression of Axies (Leveling, achievements)

    Breeding Game

    PvP with ladder and tournaments

    PvE / Adventure mode

    Land Gameplay

    Players expand their kingdom, harvest resources, attack Chimeras and other players.

    Lunacia SDK – Allowing developers and creators to make games using existing Axie Infinity assets and hosting them on land.

    Completed milestones

    December 2017: Concept and Idea – Development begins

    February 2018: Origin Axie Presale begins – 900 ETH raised

    March 2018: In-House Axie-NFT Marketplace released

    May 2018: Breeding game released

    October 2018: Idle battle game released

    January 2019: Land Sale begins – 3200 ETH raised

    May 2019: In-House Land/item-NFT marketplace on ETH Layer 2 (Loom Network) released

    December 2019: Unified Land and Axie marketplace launched

    December 2019: Community alpha (card battle game) released

    May 2020: Mavis Hub released

    May 2020: All land in Quarter 1 sold out – 4600+ ETH raised

    June 2020: Axie Infinity participates in Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab

    July 2020: Ronin Sidechain in test net

    August 2020: Land gameplay internal alpha

    February 2021: Ronin Mainnet Launch

    April 2021: Axies migrated to Ronin

    May 2021: Fiat on-ramp added to Ronin

    September 2021: AXS staking launched

    November 2021: Katana Decentralized exchange launched

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF


    Axie Infinity is being developed by which is a technology-focused game studio founded in early 2018.

    The team consists of 40 full-time employees and has its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The founding team consists of the following individuals:

    Trung Thanh Nguyen – CEO

    Trung is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and leads the company in Vietnam.

    At the age of 19, Trung co-founded and was CTO of Lozi.vn, an early Vietnamese e-commerce startup which has raised around 10 M in funding and is still in operations as of now. He left Lozi once it became a stable business and the team’s focus shifted from building to business/operations. Trung also had stints at Trusting Social (25 M recent funding round led by Sequoia) and Anduin Transactions (a Joe Lonsdale company) before founding Axie Infinity

    Trung represented Vietnam in the ACM-ICPC World Final 2014 held in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

    ​ / / / Coindesk Most Influential 2021 Profile


    Aleksander Leonard Larsen – COO

    Aleksander is responsible for all things business-related in Axie Infinity. He also serves on the board of directors in the Blockchain Game Alliance and holds the secretary position.

    He has worked in the Asia Pacific region since early 2018 and has a vast network of Blockchain industry and gaming connections, particularly in Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

    Before Axie Infinity he worked as a manager in the Norwegian state and spent his free time as a content creator and competitive gamer. He has been ranked as one of the top 200 players in Europe in DotA 2 and has represented the Norwegian national team in Warcraft 3 and DotA.

    ​ / ​

    Tu Doan – Art Director and Game Designer

    Tu runs the art team in Vietnam and designed the original Axies. He is responsible for the art direction and many game design concepts.

    He co-founded and formerly worked as the Head of Design at Lozi.vn.


    Andy Ho – CTO

    Andy leads our engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations.

    He previously worked as a software engineer at Anduin Transactions and interned at Google and Paypal.

    Andy attended the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2010 held in Waterloo, Canada. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and also represented Singapore in the ACM-ICPC World Final 2015 held in Marrakech, Morocco.

    ​ / ​

    Jeffrey Zirlin – Growth Lead

    Jeff AKA “Jihoz” is responsible for growth and community development. He also spearheads token design and works closely with the product team.

    Jeff grew up collecting fossils and insects; he uses this experience when thinking about the collector side of NFTS. Jeff was a member of a top-ranked USA Horde guild in vanilla World of Warcraft; he spent much of his childhood/adolescence in raids. Academically, he studied military and economic history at Yale where he wrote his thesis on the ideological origins of Alexander Hamilton’s debt restructuring plan.

    ​/ / ​

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    The future of work is fun!

    We believe that fun, beautiful games will become a source of income for anyone, anywhere.


    This future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed yet. We need more adventurers, builders, thinkers, and missionaries to bring it to the entire planet.



    We built Axie Infinity and grew it to be the #1 Blockchain game. It’s now time to make it one of the biggest virtual worlds of all time, period.


    More and more game developers are becoming interested in using Blockchain technology to empower their players. This is a massive opportunity that we’re best positioned to capture with our Ronin side chain — a tool that allows game developers to deliver the benefits of blockchain to their players without any of the complications.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    NFT Game Allows Rural Filipino Community to Survive Unemployment By Rewarding Players With Cryptocurrency

    7.3 million people in the country are currently unemployed.


    Gaming NFT


    An NFT game named Axie Infinity is allowing a rural Filipino community to survive unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic by rewarding players with cryptocurrency.


    The story originates from an 18-minute documentary called Play-to-earn: NFT Gaming in the Philippines. The video follows a group of residents living in the rural province of Nueva Ecija, near Cabanatuan City north of Manila, the country’s capital. With a population of 111 million people in the nation, a staggering 7.3 million people became unemployed due to the ongoing pandemic and quarantine rules.


    In hopes to survive these tough times, many Filipino residents discovered Axie Infinity, a PC and mobile game which uses NFTs to identify various digital items in-game, rewarding players with a virtual currency called Smooth Love Potion. This “Potion” can then be converted into cryptocurrency, which in turn can be traded for actual money, creating a way for these rural communities to earn a living. A 25-year-old by the name of Art Art managed to earn $20 USD over the first 15 days of playing, while an elderly couple named Lola Vergie and Lolo Severio prayed that the game will never go away since they channeled earnings from it to pay for their medication. In fact, even at age 75, Severio plays up to 100 rounds of the game every single day.

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