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    Limitations of such a system

    Many game developers might find these ideas interesting but would think they are excluding a part of their player base. Below are two features that could be implemented to have a hybrid system pleasing most of the players.


    Seasonal System

    By making a seasonal system, the length of a season determined by the person in charge would help making the system fairer by resetting a set of characteristics like level, skills, quests, objectives or even setting new objectives. Doing this will give the chance for new players to compete for the achievements they missed last season or existing players who didn’t get what they wanted and give them another try. It will allow more diversity on the top of the leaderboards and a healthy competition not always having the same at the top.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated servers, having dedicated servers allowing uniqueness, NFT, separated from servers that have traditional type of gaming would also give the choice for those who just want to enjoy traditional gaming, and reach two different type of players. This is in my opinion a good compromise if developers are worried about NFT or those mechanics implemented in game. This is not new, Diablo 3 has the option of creating a Hardcore character that has only one life and when it dies it is lost forever, the ideas listed above would just give another layer of reward and motivation to play.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    PRESS] JEFF signed an MOU agreement with JOYCITY, which serves various game contents

    JEFF has signed an MOU agreement with JOYCITY, which operates global games such as “Freestyle” and “Gunship: Battle Total Warfare.”


    With this agreement, the two companies will set up a dedicated content space for JOYCITY at JEFF World and collaborate on developing JOYCITY’s game content. Please look forward to JEFF World, which will grow into a partnership between JOYCITY and JEFF.

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