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    Sia GS-86|HF


    Axie Infinity’s Devs have become aware of a certain issue causing SLP to not be awarded or not awarded correctly to users’ in-game inventory. They have notified the engineering team about this for it to be resolved in a timely manner.


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Marketplace Maintenance


    The marketplace will go into maintenance mode 6 hours ago. We will be performing some updates to the Marketplace backend systems. This will require some down time.


    I will update this post once the maintenance is complete.


    Edit: Both BattleV2 and Origin might be affected during this maintenance


    Edit 2: Maintenance has concluded.


    Edit 3: The potential point is missing and will be added back soon!

    Edit 3.2: Potential Point is back!


    Edit 4.1: We have confirmed that some users are getting less energy after the update, this is happening due to the new Marketplace update that was just deployed, the correct number of energy will update on the next server reset.

    Edit 4.2: Users will now be getting Invalid Owner error when creating a new team with newly bought Axies. The game server is still trying to sync data to the new database. Estimate time to finish data sync is 3-4 hours.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    SLP Not Being Rewarded In-Game




    We are aware that SLP is not being rewarded in-game. Our engineers are aware of this issue.


    Please temporarily stop queuing in the Arena until this is fixed. Your energy will be wasted if you play while the issue is ongoing.


    I will edit this post once our engineers have confirmed that the issue is resolved.


    Edit: This issue is resolved.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Post-Maintenance Issues


    We have experienced several issues after today’s maintenance. Below are the issues and the resolution to each of them.


    Missing Potential Points. Axies’ Potential Points were not available on the Marketplace. This has been fixed.


    Energy Issues. Trainers who have not opened the game before the maintenance had their energy reset to 20 energy. This has been fixed but the trainers who have logged in before the fix was deployed will still see 20 energy. The correct energy amount will show next server reset.


    Invalid Owner. Users who have created teams with newly-bought Axies will see Invalid Owner error. The game server is still syncing data to the new database. This post will be edited once the sync is complete.


    SLP Not Being Rewarded In-Game. Trainers were not receiving SLP reward in-game. This has been fixed. Trainers who played and won Arena matches when the issue was ongoing will not receive SLP retroactively. https://discord.com/channels/410537146672349205/867790345878110218/988753729551495208


    We thank you and we appreciate your patience.

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