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    Sia GS-86|HF

    Spider Tanks is a new exciting crypto-based multiplayer brawler. Unlike traditional MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas), Spider Tanks utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to give its players a chance to earn money while playing. Spider Tanks is a multiplayer PvP (player vs. player) NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game all-around tank battles. It has unique graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and an exciting and potentially lucrative upgrade system.

    The core of the game is all about the tanks:

    👉Each tank has two main components, a weapon, and a body.
    👉Every weapon can be used with everybody, creating many options for your tank.
    👉Each piece is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, which all have varying values.
    👉Players can earn new pieces by playing the game, making it one of the most exciting Play-to-Earn titles.

    Everything in Spider Tanks can be done within the game client. It uses Gala Games’ launcher and has everything you need. Spider Tanks has three different game modes, all with varying objectives over various maps. Winning will increase your chance of earning greater rewards.

    As the name suggests this is the classic PVP deathmatch. 2 teams of 3 players battle to the death. The team with the most kills at the end of the time period wins.
    A traditional but great game mode all about objective control. Teams battle it out for the flag. As long as your team has the flag you will continue to earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the time period wins.
    Capture the Chicken is the game mode that brings out the developer’s charm. There are chickens spread around the map. The team’s objective is to rescue as many as possible and bring them to their base. While Tanks and Chickens aren’t a traditional mixture, this game mode has real character.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Play Spider Tanks

    Each week, Spider Tanks will run a $250,000 prize pool tournament, with prizes paid out after the tournaments’ end in GALA.


    Players will qualify for the Week 1 Spider Tanks tournament by having the highest numbers for played matches, regardless of win/loss rate. 50% of the prize pool will go to the top 2% of battlers, and the remaining 50% will go to 3–10%.


    The winners of the Week 2 tournament will be determined by their highest personal score in a single match. Players must win the match for those points to qualify for one of four tiers each day. $50,000 in $GALA is up for grabs every day.


    Stay tuned to the latest updates on Discord and for Week 3 and Week 4 announcements.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    There MAY be More

    Don’t worry, we only used “May” for the sake of the pun. There most definitely will be more. As you may have already noticed, we like to move quickly at Gala Games, and a month is a long time.


    Certain in-game NFT owners in various upcoming titles will be surprised with random drops of exclusive new NFTs throughout the month. You never know when holding Gala NFTs will earn you sudden and seemingly random rewards.


    Look for additional playtests among other titles, and maybe even some additional GALA-on-the-line competitions. After all, we’re giving away $4 million in GALA. You’ll want as much as possible of that to become yours.


    Consider this your official kickoff! Welcome to May with Gala Games… We hope you enjoy the Mayhem!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Spider Tanks May Mayhem | Play Now

    Spider Tanks players will have a chance to win a share of $1.5 million in May prizes


    It was less than a week ago that GAMEDIA’s Spider Tanks announced the open Early Release of the latest build, giving everyone in the community a chance to experience the epic esports action of Spider Tanks.


    Some previous playtests of the game have been restricted to only those who own NFT Tanks. Now, thanks to a small series of rotating free Tanks that cannot be upgraded, even non owners can get in on the action.


    Later in May (Date TBA), the no-value TCTESTCOIN test* of Spider Tanks rewards will conclude and SILK will officially begin distribution. Whether or not you own Tanks and plan to take advantage of these early rewards, we think you’ll have a great time competing for various prize pools throughout May Mayhem with Spider Tanks.


    *TCTESTCOIN will eventually disappear from all wallets and test upgrades will revert.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    The Spider Tanks Lite Paper

    Dig into the initial economic plan for the launch of Spider Tanks, the world’s first Web3 esport created by GAMEDIA

    It’s been just over a year since the Spider Tanks was first announced as an upcoming project in the Gala Games Ecosystem, following a massive vote in support of acceptance from the Gala Games Founder’s Node operators.


    As Gala Games has continued to grow over the last year, GAMEDIA’s Spider Tanks has also evolved, and now the team is closer than ever to the launch of a robust gaming economy powered by Gala’s brand new games first blockchain: Project GYRI.


    Today Gala Games and GAMEDIA are pleased to reveal the first version of the Spider Tanks Lite Paper to the world. The PDF is available now for download at the link below.




    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    AMA — Tuesday, July 19th @ 4pm PT

    This is the Spider Tanks livestream you won’t want to miss. Taking questions from the Spider Tanks Discord channels, key members of the teams at both GAMEDIA and Gala Games will reveal more than ever about economic features of the upcoming game.


    Future Updates to Lite Paper

    Keep in mind this is only the initial version of the Spider Tanks Lite Paper. We plan to release updated versions from time to time, and we’ll share any updates with the community in updated versions of the Lite Paper.


    Up Next

    A Spider Tanks launch roadmap from the GAMEDIA team will soon be revealed.


    A Huge Update will also soon be revealed, giving early supporters an even greater chance than ever to support the Spider Tanks Ecosystem.


    We’re pleased to announce that the first Spider Tanks Mac early release build is on its way.

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