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    Note: All of the rules below are subject to change at any point.


    1) Operating Multiple Towns


    Players can only operate 1 Town. Having multiple Gala Games accounts does not entitle players to have multiple towns. Your account will be subjected to a permanent ban for this violation.


    2) Playing With Friends and Family in the Same Household


    Players can play with friends and family in the same household so long as they have different accounts and computers.


    3) Utilization of Scripts


    Players are allowed to use scripts so long as they are within the game’s rules. Town Star records and logs every action. If a player is found to be using scripts to exploit the game, they are subject to a permanent ban.


    4) Town Names


    Common Sense is applied when creating town names—using profanity, sexual, or offensive terms as a town name. (This does include inappropriate terms in other languages). Violation of this rule will lead to the termination of your town.


    For more information about the general rules for our games, please see the Terms and Conditions page.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Gala Support Team

    Updated May 5th, 2022. Published March 16th, 2022.



    How to Sign Up for a Gala Games Account



    This is an in depth step-by-step guide on how to make a Gala Games account.




    Having a Gala Games account allows a user to interact with the Gala Games Ecosystem. Knowing how to set up an account, from the beginning to the end, can be beneficial.



    Assumptions Made


    This article assumes the reader knows:


    What is the Gala Games Ecosystem?‍


    What is a Transfer Code?


    What is a Recovery Seed Phrase?‍





    1) Type gala.games into a web browser and click the register button.




    NOTE: Please be sure to sign up through a referral link before making an account if this is desired. If this is not done, an account created will not credit a referral. A referral cannot be changed or added after an account is created. Gala Games is not responsible for any failure in the referral link actually being linked to an account. Please take steps to ensure that a referral shows up in the Social Tab before using the account.


    2) Enter the account information needed below. Please read the terms and privacy policy and click the Create Account button shown below.





    Adding a referral code is an optional field to fill in if using a referral is desired.




    3) Verify the email address used to sign up as asked by the prompt.




    3a) Click the Confirm Me button shown in the email below:


    The following is an example of what an email verification may look like. If an email isn’t received in a couple of minutes, please check to make sure it is not caught in spam.




    4) The “All Set!” image will appear next after an email has been verified. It is recommended to create a wallet now so the account is fully set up and has access to all of the features available on the site.





    4a) Choosing the skip and play now button shows this screen below. The account process can resume by clicking the Finish Setup button as shown below.





    5) Create a Transfer Code. Make sure this is saved in a safe place. Gala Games does not have access to a user’s Transfer code. If the Transfer code is lost, it will be lost forever. After saving it and backing it up, click continue as shown below.





    6) The next step will show the Recovery Phrase of the wallet. Please be sure to back this up. If this phrase is lost, IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED.





    The image below is what a Recovery Phrase (mnemonic word phrase) will look like. These are 12 words that are randomly generated by the Ethereum blockchain. These words are unique to the account that is used to sign up. Make sure to write down these words and keep them somewhere safe. Losing access to these words will mean all of the funds from the account will be lost forever if the Transfer Code is forgotten.




    Click Continue once the Recovery Phrase is backed up. A recovery word phrase is read from left to right. In this example as shown in step 6. the first word is color, the second word is client and so on. The word lunar is the 7th word on this list and the 12th word is dinner.





    7) After clicking continue, 3 words will be randomly chosen to verify that the phrase was backed up and that it was physically written down.




    8) After verifying the Recovery Phrase, the account is setup fully! Now the account is ready to access all that a fully setup Gala Games account is able to do! Click Finish to continue.




    9) After clicking Finish, the 2FA setup prompt will appear similar to the image below.




    This is a step that is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged to protect a Gala Games account.


    Please follow this article here to Set Up 2FA and enable extra security to protect a Gala Games Account: How To Setup 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Gala Support Team

    Updated June 8th, 2022. Published March 16th, 2022.



    Getting Started in Town Star




    This article aims to guide the players through the process of playing Town Star by providing a step-by-step guide.



    Assumptions Made


    This article assumes the reader understands the information in the following articles:


    How To Sign Up For a Gala Games Account‍




    Before proceeding to the guide, it’s important to understand that a Gala Games account is not required to play Town Star, but it is impossible to earn rewards in the Weekly Competition rankings without one.


    1) Log in to a Gala Games account and click Games.





    2) In the Town Star section, click Play.





    3) Choose between the Weekly Competition server or a Play-To-Earn (P2E) server by clicking on Join. (You can change this later by clicking on Change the next time you log in.)


    The Weekly Competition is the only server that will earn tournament rewards for playing.


    The P2E servers are fun, and players can test out different strategies to improve their town for the next weekly competition. They are also for players who want to participate in Play-To-Earn in Town Star.





    4) After choosing a server, click Play Now





    5) Select an empty plot of land on the World Map; this will be the location for your new town! Some locations favor specific strategies.


    It is important to remember that only a single player can occupy any plot at a time. The players’ icons mark those spots. Early chicken gets the coop!





    It is highly recommended to check out townstar.com to learn more about the game. This website includes guides, tutorials, and other strategies to help new and veteran players alike!



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF


    Logo for Gala Support Center


    Gala Support Team

    Updated June 9th, 2022. Published March 16th, 2022.



    What are the Requirements for Running Town Star?




    This article explains the computing requirements for running Town Star.






    This article explains how Town Star can work on various devices and what else is needed to play it.



    Assumptions Made


    This article assumes the reader understands the information in the following articles:


    How to Start Playing Town Star‍


    How To Sign Up For a Gala Games Account‍




    These are the requirements to play Town Star:


    1) A Computer or Smartphone




    2) Stable Internet Connection



    3) An internet browser updated to its latest version. To help ensure the browser is modern enough to load the game correctly.



    4) Gala Games Account (Having an account is optional but highly recommended for the complete Town Star experience)


    All that is needed to play Town Star is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection and a browser that will load the game.


    A Gala Games account is not required to play Town Star, but it will allow you to revisit your town after logging off or receiving rewards for placing in the tournament.


    While there are differences in performance across devices, any reasonably recent smartphone or computer shouldn’t have a problem running Town Star.




    Improving Town Star Performance



    Click on your profile picture In the top left corner of Town Star.









    Change the following settings to what is specified below:


    Graphic Quality: Low


    Shadows: OFF


    Anti-Aliasing: OFF


    Other settings may be turned off as well but won’t have as much of an effect on performance.





    Some systems won’t need these lower settings, but performance may improve.




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