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    Treasure Chests — Data


    There will be 3 treasure chests, sorted out with rarities and each with its unique perks. Each chest will contain a set number of NFTs, a minimum rarity drop, a drop table chance, etc. Read more about them below.


    Long story short, the Skeleton Master’s invasion called for allied help. The king of Tildwell ordered his finest mages, smiths, and tailors to create the most powerful items known to man. And so came Gamrey’s Treasures.


    Inside them, you will find items with powers beyond imagination. Swords that can cut through flesh and bone like paper, staves that wield unimaginable powers, impenetrable shields, and so much more.


    The items will be found inside three chests.


    The 1st of these treasures are Tildwell’s Discoveries.


    The 2nd treasures are The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells.


    And the final treasures are The Miracles of Gamrey Deep.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Forest Knight x OpenSea


    We are hosting the INO on OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace in the world! We’re very excited to allow Knights to trade in a low-fee, lightning-quick platform, while also allowing ourselves to introduce the game to new players. OpenSea’s scalability and features will further empower the Forest Knight gaming and trading experience!


    The Polygon NFTs are all beautifully designed. Each item has been given attention and time, from uncommon to mythic every item is distinctive and incomparable.


    Some of you might ask, “Why not host them on your very own marketplace?”


    We have many important features that we want to add to the game. The marketplace is one of those core features. Leveraging OpenSea’s amazing platform for our first collection of Polygon NFTs doesn’t take anything away from our marketplace. It helps it in the future by bringing more eyes to the platform. We are sure that this is a step in the right direction and we are looking for a long-term partnership with OpenSea for key NFT events.


    But what are Gamrey’s Treasures?


    Gamrey’s Treasures are part of the first Forest Knight expansion. This INO will kickstart everything and we’ll be announcing more about the event in the following week. This event will contain the most unique NFTs known to the realms and we are looking to reward our players with these sea-themed items through various game activities, such as the adventure mode, the arena, world boss, etc.


    We are very excited to be able to show off our NFT collection which we’ve been working so hard on for the past year. Gamrey’s Treasures is just the beginning of everything. Stay tuned for more!


    About Forest Knight


    Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to defeat the Skeleton Master, duel against other players in the arena, and fight bosses all while climbing the leaderboards!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Killa Koliseum


    Killa Koliseum, still in development as of Sep. 7, 2021, provides a competitive environment where strategies are crucial. There will be 10,420 NFTs available, making the game somewhat limited to access at first.


    Killa Koliseum


    Welcome to The Killa Koliseum!


    What are we?


    At the core, The Killa Koliseum is a competitive game based on strategic decision-making. We will offer a collection of 10,420 NFTs built on the Ethereum network. Each Killa is completely unique and verifiable on the blockchain as an ERC-721 token. **Possessing a token of a Killa will give permission to the owner to register their Killa in 1v1 fights, where two Killas will battle to the death in the arena, publicly available for viewing on our website.** Pick your weapon and fighting style, and we will register your Killa randomly in a battle with an evenly matched Killa.


    Our smart contract programs for each Killa to be 1 of 5 character classes: Soldier, Tank, Mage, Trickster, and Peasant. Each Class fights distinctively, and each Killa possesses unique hit points which will determine its success in battle. Our smart contract also programs for each Killa to display 6 properties. These properties include Headwear, Armor, Eyes, Mouth, Skin, and Background. There are over 110 attributes in total. Community and project priorities will be voted on in full by all Killas.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF



    As one of the upcoming RPG games in the blockchain gaming world, Elementos aims to provide an advanced turn-based combat universe


    Build your team’s


    Gather your best Mentos to fight against your enemies


    You will have to build your team in order to find the best combination in each situation. Every Mento has his own skills and stats!




    Players can fight against other players, collect their daily rewards by completing battles, doing adventures and breed their pets.




    Players will have to face a wave of enemies that they need to take out with their Mentos, each turn a wave of enemies will be spawned by the enemy boss, and players will need to wipe them out using the cards drawn on each wave.




    We have a total of 50,000 Crystal eggs on our sale


    The sale started at $10 per 1 Crystal egg


    The price is increased by $1.5 for every 1000 eggs sold


    Each Crystal contains 1 Mento!


    Fight for EME Token


    EME is the native token in-game. EME will be used to breed, play and invest.


    Utilities of the token:


    1. Play-to-Earn: Everyone can earn EME by playing in PvE and PvP. Each game mode rewards EME differently.


    2. Breeding: Everyone can breed their own pair of pets using the EME token. Each breeding stage has different costs.


    3. Skins (TBA): Players can buy skins for their Mentos using the EME token. Each skin has a different cost and will be listed on our Skin shop in-game.


    4. Upgrades (TBA): Players can upgrade their skill-sets and stats

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF



    Blockchain gaming and open-world first-person shooter are two terms that rarely go hand-in-hand. Metalands has found a way to combine these aspects in a free-to-play play2earn game where gamers can earn CIFI tokens.


    Play. Earn. Repeat

    An action-packed gameplay with earning mechanism


    Earn loot, blueprints, crafting fuels and in-game currencies while engaging in multiplayer and single player game modes.


    Sell crafted items to other players or use them to enhance your gaming experience.


    Together we stand

    Shooter game with strategy based alliances


    Build Alliances with other players, help one another grow in rank, resources, crafting speed and strength.


    Through team work, you can be unstoppable but watch out for other alliances.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF



    A strategy-based shooter game with blockchain integration




    Progressive Deathmatch


    combination of

    team deathmatch


    and battle Royale gameplay


    Play, Collect & Build

    Shooter Game with Management System


    An action-packed shooter game that enables players to collect resources from gameplay, build their bunker from scratch and manage content from within their bunker.


    Resources are earned in the form of mystical objects which are then exchanged for chests containing different items.


    Central Hub

    Bunker management ecosystem with monetization feature.


    Bunker is a virtual environment which acts as a central hub for players to deploy game modes, purchase items, create alliances, and craft new items. Develop your bunker with artwork, minigames, in-bunker items and many other forms of content with monetization features.


    Blockchain Enabled

    Player-owned Economy


    Shooter game entirely backed by blockchain for a complete player owned economy. All weapons, in-bunker items, weapon skins, character outfits, and other airdropped items, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be withdrawn, staked, gifted and traded on the secondary marketplace. NFTs can also be used as collateral on decentralized finance protocol.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Pet Games


    The concept of Pet Games is very straightforward: players need to acquire an egg, or multiple eggs, from the marketplace to begin exploring the game’s ecosystem. Acquiring the eggs requires PETG tokens.


    Dvision Network


    Pet Games Introduction 🎮


    Pet Games is the complete game platform of PET world built on Binance Smart Chain

    PET GAMES is inspired by Pokemon Story, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.


    Game Play 🎮


    PET GAMES is made to make people have fun in the game and make huge profits.

    The PETG ecosystem must be a full De-Game-Fi platform; Only by providing a rich gaming experience can the ecosystem attract enough participants to add value to the network.




    Every player will be tasked with fighting monsters every day. There will be different levels of monsters.

    The weaker the monster, the higher the win rate, but the reward and exp will be less. Strong monsters, low win rate, in return for rewards and exp will be more. If you lose the battle, you won’t get the reward, but you will get some exp for that battle.

    There will be many levels that require each person to have 1 pet, 1 set of 3 pets with different tribes, 1 set of 5 pets with different tribes to be able to fight.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Pet Games




    In addition to fighting monsters, PET is also used for farming.

    In the farm, players will manage a large piece of land, players can freely grow the plants they like. PET will be the farmers responsible for taking care of and watering the plants to grow. When the harvest season comes, players can harvest the fruit and sell it for a profit.




    Players can bring their PET into the battlefield . All PETs in the battlefield will fight with each other to find the winning PETs for great rewards.


    There will be different levels to be fair to all PET.


    Lucky wheel


    Everyday, PET will get free spins, the number of spins received depends on the scarcity of PET. Players can spin the wheel and find their luck




    Players can trade PETs and other items on MarketPlace. Products for sale can be from developers or players. This is considered an exchange of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Fungible Token (PETG Token). NFT is considered a commodity and PETG NFT token is a currency.

    The main currency used in MarketPlace is PETG Token. All transactions are done using PETG Token.

    Market Fee: 5%

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Pet Games




    Players can bring their PET to train with other players’ PETs to earn exp.


    De-Game-Fi Mechanism 🥚


    Pet Games, with a focus on the NFT games play and experience, aims to create a new financial system integrated with blockchain and game, making game not only for fun but also an investment.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Pet NFTs


    Development Forms


    All creatures on planet PET GAMES spawn from eggs, everyone need to crack eggs to make eggs become PET NFT, this is free


    Two Development Form: Egg and PET


    PET tribes and scarce



    TRIBES: There are 6 elemental systems in the world PETS GAMES corresponding to the tribe

    Water: Pets in this system carry the power of water



    Fire: Pets in this system carry the power of fire



    Metal: Pets in this system carry the power of metal



    Wood: Pets in this system carry the power of wood


    Earth: Pets in this system carry the power of earth



    All: Pets in this system carry the power of all 5 systems above



    SCARCE: In the PET GAME system, 1 pet will have 8 different levels of scarcity from 1 to 8. Scarce 7, 8 is the highest scarce, these pets will have a tribe of ALL.

    Scarcity level also affects PET priority like evolution levels stat.


    Not only that, the Scarcity Level determines the maximum number of times a PET can participate in Fight Monsters.


    PETs with higher scarcity level up faster.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    PET levels


    There are 8 levels to measure the perfection and strength of creatures.

    Each PET will evolve in these 8 consecutive levels until the final version.

    Experience points (EXP) will be accumulated through matches.

    PET will level up when reaching the required EXP. Higher scarce PET systems can accumulate experience faster.



















    From 12000


    Play to Earn features


    ​Fight Monsters 🚩


    Players use PET to fight Monsters. If the player wins the match, they will earn PETG tokens and gain experience to level up the PET. Winnings will be calculated automatically based on PET stats, scarce and evolution level.


    The scarcity of PET determines the maximum number of turns in 4 hours.



    If the PET does not participate in the Monster Battle every 4 hours, the battle turn will not be stacked.


    Farm 🚩 (Coming soon)

    You will use PETs to participate in planting, watering, harvesting for profit.


    Battlefield 🚩 (Coming soon)

    Players can bring their PETs into the battlefield 🏋. All PETs in the battlefield will fight each other to find the winning PETs for great rewards.


    LuckyWheel 🚩 (Coming soon)

    Every day, PET will get free spins, the number of spins received depends on the scarcity of PET.

    Players can spin the wheel and find their luck


    Training 🚩 (Coming soon)

    Players can bring their PETs to train with other players’ PETs to earn exp.


    Tokenomics 🕹



    Name: PET GAMES

    Symbol: PETG

    Decimals: 18

    Total Supply: 1,250,000,000 (1,25 Billion Tokens)


    Play-To-Earn: 695,000,000 PETG


    Presale: 250,000,000 PETG


    Liquidity: 222,500,000 PETG


    Private sale: 27,500,000 PETG


    Development: 50,000,000 PETG – Lock in 1 year


    Airdrop: 5,000,000 PETG

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Farmers World


    The concept of farming simulators has become quite popular over the years. Farmers World is the play2earn blockchain equivalent of that concept. Players can select various tools to grow crops and harvest them.


    One of the largest community of NFT games with over 150000 players all over the world.


    About The Game


    Our Story


    Mysterious relics of ancient farm city located in the middle of Amazon forest

    A document named “Manuscript №4848”, which is currently stored at the National Library of Brazil, describes in detail a peculiar ancient farm situated in eastern Brazil. The farm was discovered by a group of explorers in 1573; however, its existence continues to remain a mystery to this day.

    Since its architecture is reminiscent of ancient Greek civilization, which bears little relation to the culture of areas around the mighty Amazon River, this enigmatic farm town, located within a massive city made of stone, bears no resemblance to any town that the explorers had ever seen in South America.


    Situated in the town are houses made of stone and wide streets, all of which are constructed in the Mediterranean architectural style.


    Additionally, this farm town distinguishes itself from the other old towns in South America because it displays characteristics typical of ancient Greece’s Ptolemaic Dynasty.


    “Manuscript №4848” was written by a Portuguese expedition team in the form of a letter while they were heading from Bandeirantes city to Sertón (a vast region in northeastern Brazil) in search of the Muribeca gold mine.


    On their journey, the explorers found relics of huge gold mines, massive wood workshops, and antique working tools, all hidden deep in the old Amazon forest. Such relics indicate that ancient citizens lived primarily by fishing, wood chopping, and gold mining. More surprisingly, the team even discovered a canoe with two white men in European costume sitting inside. These two men immediately rushed away upon seeing the expedition group.


    The residences in this farm town are elegantly ornamented, but it seems that they have been abandoned for quite a long time. In the letter, the author also emphasized the symmetry and similarity among houses in this town, which proves that the town was carefully zoned.


    Besides, “Manuscript №48” also holds attention-grabbing details such as a fish-shaped pouch of gold coins, some wood logs, and hieroglyphs redrawn from four corners of the town. Surprisingly, the hieroglyphs bear an astonishing resemblance to Greek and Phoenicia alphabets.


    Below is a part of “Manuscript №48” that has been translated from Portuguese to English, although some pieces of the documents have been lost:

    “From a 4km distance, we can see an immense town with expansive farms that are as vast as a big city in Brazil at the time. We need to follow the route that leads to the valley with caution.


    ….This town is completely uninhabited. We all agree to go deeper into this place… Nobody is going to hinder our moves, and we cannot figure out any alternative route apart from one main road that leads straight to the city.


    …In the city, there are numerous massive houses whose exteriors are carved in stone. We enter some residences with fear. The only things left in the buildings are some fishing tools, some saw machines, and some coins engraved with strange symbols. The majority of the dwellings enjoy little sunlight, thus making them rather gloomy. Echoing sounds in the houses startle us. We travel around this mysterious town on a wide street that leads us to the well-allocated square. Standing in the middle of the square is a high stone platform whose top bears a sculpture of a man with his right arm aiming for the north and his left arm placing on his hip. There are bell towers, which resemble the Romanians’, at every corner of the square; however, it seems that they are badly damaged.


    On the right side of the square stands a huge building; it appears that this is where the most powerful one lives. There is a broad hall right at the entrance to the building.


    At the entrance to the building, there is a stone statue that features only the upper half of a man. That man is naked, looks rather young, does not have a beard, wears a thin piece of shirt and a side belt, and holds a shield underneath. The sculpture seems to have sustained serious wear and tear.


    Apart from that building, the majority of the city has collapsed into rubbles. In such a devastating scene, there is no sign of plant or moss appearing on the giant cracks of the ground. It looks like the city was razed to the ground by a destructive earthquake.


    From a certain distance, we notice that there is a canoe on the river’s bank with some white people sitting inside. They all dress in European costumes, and their long black hair is neatly braided. We fire our guns as a signal, but they rush away out of fear.”


    In reality, even though this lost “farm city” is meticulously documented in an official manuscript kept at the National Library of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, nobody can discover any Mediterranean-inspired old town ever again. Numerous expedition parties have set out to find the lost city but in vain.

    One of the renowned explorers in pursuit of this lost city is Colonel Ford Henry. He and his son, Jack, led an expedition to explore the old Amazon forest.


    Henry has an immense interest in the local tales concerning the European- inspired lost city. His faith in the existence of this town is further strengthened when he reads that “Manuscript №4848”.


    Henry assumes that this town, unlike any other city in South America, does not belong to the local Brazilians. Rather, the city is likely to have been built by the peoples originating from Europe, probably the Phonecia, who arrived in Brazil and lived together with the red people. Henry also reveals that on his journeys to Amazon, he has many chances to meet with some tribes that have both red and white people living in peace.


    The story plot of FARMERSWORLD takes place when this farm city was still in its infancy, as the Phoenicia people were drifting on a fishing vessel from Europe to the Amazon jungle. As their food storage got exhausted, they had to adapt to their new challenging life in the wilderness. Each group joined hands to build farms on the seashore as well as in the deep jungle. Every day, while women knitted fishing nets at home or went fishing on the shore, men chopped woods to build their farms. Moreover, in this deep jungle, the Phoenicia often had to clash with the other white and red tribes over gold mines and territories.


    Over time, as conflicts occurred more frequently and violently, the Phoenicia had to decide on one option: to die or to fight till their last breath.


    As they entered the war’s preparation period, the Phoenicia started to store food and supplies, exploited woods to make tools, mined gold to buy additional weapons from white people.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    FAQs on Farmers World


    What is Farmers World?

    Farmers World is the first farming game to function on the NFTs platform. Pick for yourself suitable tools, exploit various resources, buy land to build enormous farms, and enjoy the fascinating experiences of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem.


    What blockchain platform does Farmers World use?


    Farmers World is a NFT game that runs on WAX blockchain platform.


    What is a Farmer?


    You, in game player, using in game tools to create your own unique Farmers World


    How to participate Farmers World?


    To be a part of Farmers World, you need to own a WAX wallet (https://on.wax.io/wax-io/), and equip tools to start your journey. To create WAX account, access:


    How to get tools in Farmers World?


    With new Farmers, There are 2 ways to get new tools:


    – Purchase on AtomicHub (Drops or Secondary Market)

    – Using “Craft” feature in game to create new tools.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    FAQs on Farmers World


    What are Wood, Food, Gold and FWW, FWF, FWG?


    There are 3 main resources in Farmers World:


    Wood, Food and Gold corresponding to 3 tokens: FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), FWG (Gold).


    How to get FWW, FWF, FWG?


    Corresponding to 3 types of token, there are 3 tool groups to exploit that resources


    1. FWW: Axe, Saw, ChainSaw


    2. FWF: Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, Fishing Boat.


    3. FWG: Mining Excavator


    Besides, it can be bought from decentralized marketplaces or other farmers.


    What is Durability?


    This index indicates the durability of tool, Each tool has the different durability index. In mining process, durability index will be decreased, to recover it players must use FWG. in case of the tool is not enough durability index, players cant remove it or change to another tool. The tool that has durability index equals to 0 is not lost.


    What is Energy?


    It shows energy losses in mining process. Consuming energy depends on each tool. Use FWF to recover Energy.


    What is countdown time?


    After mining, it will take a time to continue. In countdown status, items can not be removed or changed.


    Can i sell or buy FWF, FWW, FWG?


    Players can sell or purchase tokens: FWF, FWW, FWG at decentralized marketplace such as Alcor. Player can give or receive from their friends.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Monthly Report – February

    Will Farmers World update or not? That’s probably the question we’ve received the most in the past few months. We’ll answer that, right now, by another question: when the update?


    However, we are living in special times. Real wars lead to currency wars. That may be an excuse for procrastination, but like it or not, it’s the truth. Even you hate the dark, the sun still sets.


    We know, there are requirements for updates, you’ve invested in the game and of course you want it to grow. But, you guys have the investment, and we’ve got Top.3 blockchain game. Why we stop???


    If nothing changes, next month promises to be an explosive month for Farmers World. Hope you understand what we mean.

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