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    Hello Hardforkers! Hardforking family! I will a couple of basic guides that can help you with your Nine Chronicles adventure! You can also post and share some tips that can help us all in playing 9C! 🙂

    So as we all know before Nine Chronicles is barely playable specially if we don’t have a decent PC which caused discouragement to new players to be able play and enjoy the game.

    However, those days are gone! Actually, for the past few months now Planetarium (Nine Chronicles) have been finding ways to have user friendly experience to their users specially to those who really wants to play but unable to due to it’s heave data process. Since 9C requires huge data processing if playing in local node to confirm every transactions/blocks in Planetarum’s blockchain which requires redownloading HUGE AMOUNT of blocks and snapshots all over again in.

    Planetarium then released RPC in test mode, which resulted to significant pump of DAU’s (Daily Active Users) Meaning, a lot of users are now able to play and enjoy the game smoothly.

    This is because users can now connect directly to Planetarium’s RPC server or webserver instead of your own local node, this users can now play and enjoy the game without having their PC’s stressed out! 😀

    So long story short, it’s never too late to play the game! Lot’s of amazing rewards and events coming this year! So go ahead and start playing Nine Chronicles! 😀

    For those who haven’t registered yet, you can use my activation link since you will need one to play the game:


    Also, you can also check out my video on how to use RPC or Remote Headless mode. This video also shows how to switch RPC node (How to switch to a better, faster, smoother server/node).

    Please do like comment and subscribe, let know what you think or any violent reactions 😆


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Thanks for this informative videos sir gyle😊


    No problem sir @KrisVirgo


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    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF
    1. There is new update on community voting have you heard about it sir gyle
    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Updates: Item level requirements, Item drop locations, and more!

    Dear Adventurers and all other residents of Nine Chronicles World,


    New updates will be added to the game. Let’s check out what the update is about.


    📢 #01. Item Level Requirements


    As we have mentioned earlier, level requirements for items will be added to the game, meaning that each item will have a minimum level requirements to wear. This update will be in effect starting sometime next week with the v100170 release. Be prepared!


    What is the level requirement?


    Currently, all items in Nine Chronicles have no level requirements. Meaning one can equip any item without level restrictions. The item level requirement system was originally intended to be embedded in the game. However, it was delayed for many reasons. Without the requirements, players were not able to fully experience the game the way it was originally intended. For example, equipt with an “over-spec” item bought from the market with a small NCG investment, players were able to brisk through the lower stages of the game. Therefore, most of the items on the market had values close to zero, and efforts for crafting and upgrades became meaningless.


    What will be different after the update takes effect?

    🛑 Item level requirements

    With the update, all the items will have a minimum level requirement to equip. Unfortunately, in some cases, items have to be taken off to play the game any further. Your items are not going anywhere. Just take them off from your characters and store them in your inventory until you have reached a sufficient level.


    🪙 New demands and Supplies.

    Currently, there are thousands of 1 or 2 NCG items on the market, making up nearly 80% of the proportion, which means it was very difficult for users to create profit from crafting and selling. However, with the level requirements, there will be more demand for lower-level items with more varieties of specs. Or there will be new demands for crafting purposes. Eventually, the update will revitalize the market system and propel the Nine chronicles economy towards a more autonomous economy as it was originally intended.


    ❎ No sudden level jumps

    Until now, with a very small amount of NCG investment, players were able to purchase superior items with no restrictions, then slaying everything on their way to the next level. Residents of Nine Chronicles were not designed to be defeated so easily. The game was delicately balanced and was meant to make the player come up with creative strategies. Moreover, Arean will be fairer, in the sense that each player will be participating in the Arena with a relatively similar level of equipment. The update will let players experience the Nine Chronicles more closely and deeply.


    📢 #02. Item Drop Location


    Have you had a problem when you had to go back and forth between the blacksmith and the world map to find where all the materials are? Why can’t we make it a little bit easier for you?


    In this update, you will be able to easily check where the materials are being dropped. Check the location from your inventory and go get them! MORE FARMING AND MORE CRAFTING AWAIT YOU. Hopefully, there will be more useful utility updates on the way.


    📢 #03. Onboarding Portal Updates

    As many of you have already seen, our Onboarding Portal has been updated. Categories and the amount of NCG awarded are adjusted. A new award scheme for Newbies was added. Let’s take a look at the details.





    You can now earn 0.1 NCG on daily bases. Just play the game, it’s that easy.

    This reward was newly added to compensate players who are enthusiastic about the game with relentless efforts, a little token of appreciation for visiting the Nine Chronicles’ world every day.

    🤩 Welcome Newbies, and “Newbies Only” 🎉


    To promote more newcomers to enter the Nine Chronicles’ realm, newly joined adventurers to the 9C world will be rewarded according to the new reward scheme. Simply level up your character to claim rewards.

    Newly Joined = New IDs created from April 7th, 2022 03:00 AM UTC (April 7th, 2022 12:00 PM KST)







    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Introducing the “Community Voting” (ft. Arena Season 3)


    🗳️ Community Voting

    Open-source and fully moddable, Nine Chronicles aims to place the power of game development back in the hands of its community. To empower the community, we would like to incorporate more of the player’s voice into the game via the “Community Voting.” Players can now easily raise their voice in the Nine Chronicles decision-making by casting their votes on either Discord and/or Twitter.


    [ The First Community Voting ]

    As we have mentioned in the previous article, the Costume reward for Arena Season 3 will be the topic for the very first Community Voting in the Nine Chronicles history. In this voting, you will be asked to choose


    Which costume would you like to receive as a reward for Arena Season 3?




    You can visit our discord or Twitter account to cast your vote. However, considering that most of the players are on Discord and the fact that anyone can vote on Twitter, the vote will be counted differently. Discord votes will be counted as 1 vote and twitter will be 0.5.


    This vote will start with the Arena Season 3 and last until the very last day of the Arena. As soon as the season is over, the result of the vote will be announced on the #Announcement channel on Discord.


    [ 👾 Discord ]

    New Channel will be created on Discord: #community-voting

    New questions will be updated regularly updated on this channel

    You can vote via reaction emojis to show which option you prefer the most

    [ 🐦 Twitter ]

    Along with the community voting channel on Discord, a Twitter poll will be updated at the same time.

    Voting on Twitter is much more straightforward compared to Discord

    Choose what you think is the best to share your opinion





    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    ⚔️ Arena Season 3: 252K NCG Reward Pool, Exclusive Costumes, Staking Rewards, and More! ⚔️

    Are you ready to gear up and battle to the top? Because Arena Season 3 is about to start. It is okay to get excited about the upcoming season. Because this Season includes unprecedented rewards for brave cat warriors.



    ⚔️ Arena Overview

    📅 Arena Season 3 will commence at 3,920,000 Block (est. April 28th) and end at 4,032,000 Block (est. May 12th)

    Total reward pool increased to a total of 252,000 NCG

    More monsters you have, Bigger the reward gets. The Monster Collection

    Exclusive Costumes will be awarded to the higher rank players and more (See details below)

    Get something just for participating. Participation Reward?

    Community Voting System will be introduced. Vote for your rewards!

    This time, our Goddess Freya has heard our prayers, upcoming Arena Season 3 is overflowing with abundant rewards for all adventurers challenging to their limits at the ferocious battleground. Make sure you check out all the minute details, so you are not missing out on any of the rewards.


    🪙 Increased 252K NCG Reward Pool

    The total NCG reward pool has now expanded to up to 252K NCG. Bigger pie means more happy bellies. A bigger NCG reward will be rewarded to those who have proven their valor at the arena.


    🎖️Weekly Arena Rewards

    After every Arena week (every 56000 blocks), around the maximum of 103,000 NCG will be distributed among the top 2,000 players.

    A total of 2 weekly reward allocations are on the way for Season 3. For details, refer to the distribution chart below

    💰Staking Bonus — the Monster Collection

    Until last season, there was no difference in rewards depending on the tier of the Monster Collection a.k.a Staking.

    In Arena Season 3, with tier 2 of Monster Collection, you will see the difference in the amplitude of the reward.

    If this is not enough for staking, just keep reading & scrolling down until you have reached the “Costume Section”.


    🏅Medal Rewards

    For every Arena battle, each player will receive a Season 3 medal at around a 30% chance.

    Once the season is over, a maximum total of 47,880 NCG will be distributed among Arena participants according to Medals attained. The harder you play, the more rewards you get.

    And Yes, as the medal reward was meant to encourage entry-level or just-pass the entry-level players, Monster Collection, a.k.a. staking will not affect the medal reward.

    Only one character from an account will be eligible for the reward.


    🏆 Reaching for the top? Reach for Costumes!

    In this season of Arena, Special rewards will be given out to the most valiant and powerful warriors. To claim this one-time special reward, our cat warriors must go through many endeavors to prove themselves.




    👼🏼White Mage “Arael” or 😈Dard Mage “Evely” (Total 30 Players)

    The reward will be voted via Discord Community Voting Channel. Most voted costume will be rewarded.

    20 Costumes:

    Allocated to top 1–20 players (Accumulate Ranking over 2 Weeks) with Monster Collection


    If there are players among the top 1–20 but without Monster Collection, the costume will be allocated to a random selection


    10 Costumes

    Randomly chosen with players with more than 30 medals with Monster Collection lvl.1


    🧙🏻‍♀️Mage Lily (Total 150 Players)

    130 Costumes:

    Allocated to top 21–150 players (Accumulated Ranking over 2 Weeks) with Monster Collection


    If there are players among the top 21–150 but without Monster Collection, the costume will be allocated to a random selection


    20 Costumes:

    Randomly chosen with players with more than 30 medals with Monster Collection lvl.1


    Only 1 costume will be given per account.

    However, this is where things get interesting. Players will choose which costume to claim via Community Voting and Twitter Voting. More information on community voting will be announced in the following posting. (Keep your eyes on it)


    🤝 Participation Reward


    Don’t worry even if your armors and swords are not so sharp and shiny as other warriors’ do. You still stand a chance for some reward. For Participation Reward, you don’t have to have your monster collection filled out.

    All players who earned at least 10 Season 3, Medals will be awarded a small gift. 10 Non-tradable AP Potion and 500 Non-tradable Hourglass will be given to all the players with more than 10 medals. So do not hesitate to join the Arena, and maybe next season you will be able to walk among the rankers.




    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🔥 2022 Nine Chronicles Roadmap is Here ✨


    Adventurers, we’re very excited to share our ambitious roadmap for 2022.


    Nine Chronicle has many tasks this year. Since the launch of the network, our amazing community has been very vocal about how to build a decentralized RPG that players can enjoy, compete, earn, and power together.


    This year’s new updates will reflect the accumulated Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals (NCIP) as much as possible. In addition, we will hold a community vote every quarter to reflect your opinions directly on the system or content to be added next quarter. 🤗



    💪🏻 2022 Challenges

    Release major updates to revamp Nine Chronicles’ economy with long term growth potential for the players and the network

    Add fresh content and reorganize existing ones to offer new cooperative/competitive challenges. Require complex situations for different types of equipment to be utilized.

    Release mobile client and PoS upgrade to grow our userbase

    Reflect community’s opinions on the roadmap consistently

    Build exciting partnerships with growth opportunities

    Update systems and basic balance to improve user experience

    🗓 First Quarter


    March will kick off with PvP Arena Season 2 — are you excited yet?!


    We are planning to introduce level requirement for items after the event, which will increase the depth of trading and crafting activites.


    In addition, location guide for obtaining specific materials will be added in item information tab, and a short cut will be provided.


    Community voting for Arena Season 3 rewards and our digital card drop with KOLLECT will also be unveiled in March, so please pay a lot of attention.


    🗓 Second Quarter


    In the beginning of the second quarter, not only will Arena Season 3 be held in mid-April, we also aim to resume whitelisted community mining. In addition, we will rebalance items to stabilize the market economy, and this progress will be disclosed to the community with as much detail as possible.


    At the end of the quarter, we will release the long-awaited 💎 ‘crystal system’ based on item dismantling. This will be one of the largest update to the 9C economy, with huge new opportunities for growth and earn. We will also introduce a major system update to the PvP arena, where a new competition to play-and-earn will become available every month. World 6 will also be opened with a set of new stages and items to craft.


    During the second quarter, Nine Chronicles Dungeons, a game based on the Nine Chronicle IP developed by our community will be released as well. We are also creating a branch of the 9C experience on The Sandbox through our partnership — we can’t wait to share this!


    🗓 Third Quarter


    The major update arriving third quarter is the release of the World Boss 🔥, the first cooperative content of Nine Chronicle. This will add a new dimension of play to complement our competitive PvP Arena.


    There will also be a huge overhaul of the NCG Staking Feature 🏦. We’ve always wanted to reward NCG holders with bonus opportunities to compete, earn, and grow. The staking overhaul will feature creative ways to unlock more fun, and will fundamentally change how players interact with the network.


    And there will be the first Quarterly Arena, a larger organized PvP event. With more diverse rewards at stake, we expect sharp competition among our adventurers.


    We are also exploring NFTs by utilizing our amazing assets and art. Who wouldn’t want to collect cute Nine Chronicles PFP? 🐱


    In addition, we plan to make the proof of stake testnet of the Nine Chronicle available to the public.


    Last but not least, through a Summer seasonal event, one of the biggest festivals of Nine Chronicle will be held 🌞


    🗓 Fourth Quarter


    The fourth quarter with Halloween 🎃 and Christmas 🎄 events will be an exciting season to come. In addition, ‘The Annual Arena’ will be held at the end of the year. This event, held only once a year, will close out 2022 with the largest rewards of the season.


    We’re also excited to reveal that the mobile version of Nine Chronicle will be unveiled at the end of the year, which will unlock the game to a wider audience all across the world. From the very beginning, we planned Nine Chronicles as a multi-platform blockchain gaming experience that travels with you. We look forward to testing this together with our dedicated community before the release 😼


    Along with this major release, we are planning to roll out the Proof of Stake network upgrade to decrease network’s latency significantly.


    Go share the news, find your friends to earn together, and see you in the arena soon!


    If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to visit our Discord to join our early access and learn more about the open source RPG network powered by the community. Cheers! 👋









    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    📢 Vesting extended for Team & Investors, minting for Binance partnership

    Dear Adventurers,


    We are announcing that our investors, growth partners, and team have decided to unanimously extend the duration of their vesting schedule.


    Also, as part of the investment and long term partnership with Binance announced earlier this year, we will also be minting WNCG with six year vesting schedule as well.



    Nine Chronicles is the first fully open sourced, on-chain game of its kind, which is founded on the belief in the gaming community’s long term creative potential.


    Developing a new gaming paradigm takes time, and during discussions with our investors and partners, we decided to double down on our conviction by agreeing to lengthen our vesting schedule as follows:


    Seed investors : 6 months from Oct 2020 (Network Launch) → 24 months from Oct 2020

    Growth investors : 6 months from Aug 2021 (WNCG Launch) → 24 months from Aug 2021

    Team : 2 years after a 6 month cliff from Oct 2020 (Network Launch) → 6 years from Oct 2020

    Binance Partnership : 6 years from Dec 2021 (Partnership Date)

    (All vesting is linear with monthly cliffs)


    Most notably, our team has extended the foundation vesting to 6 years to demonstrate our commitment to Nine Chronicles. We believe the creative potential for Nine Chronicles is really just getting started, and we want to focus on the next years fully fleshing out our vision for open source gaming network with experience powered and extended by the community.



    As for the Binance Labs partnership, we are minting WNCG from the activation, partnership, and post-launchpad sales allocation. The transaction link is provided for your reference.


    The minted WNCG allocation will be locked into the wallet address and will unlock at a monthly linear schedule through the 6 year investment and partnership agreement.


    We look forward to working with the Binance ecosystem by delivering unique and deeply integrated experience with its suite of products and the BNB Chain.


    🔥 2022 Nine Chronicles Roadmap is Here ✨

    Adventurers, we’re very excited to share our ambitious roadmap for 2022.



    If you haven’t check out the roadmap, we also have many updates heading your way in the second quarter of 2022, with more yet to be announced 🙂


    For any questions about vesting extension and partnership, please feel free to reach out to our team at Discord #ncg-discussions channel. Thank you!






    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    👨‍🚀 Nine Chronicles Universe Expansion Project: Partnership with RevomonVR 💫


    Nine Chronicles, as the fully open-sourced project in the GameFi industry, we are devoted to supporting creators and other virtual worlds utilizing Nine Chronicles IP.


    We are proudly announcing the start of the Nine Chronicles Universe expansion project is beginning with the Revomon × Nine Chronicles collaboration starting next week on 28th March 2022, with v100150 release.


    💥 This will be part of Nine Chronicles’ Multiverse Invasion:


    Expanding beyond the Nine Realms: Multiverse Invasion

    Let Adventurers explore the Nine Chronicles Universe in various art styles

    Discover the hidden/special rewards hidden by in the other worlds

    🔗 Revomon × Nine Chronicles


    There has been a temporary dimensional gap created between the world of Nine Chronicles and Revomon due to the ominous energy of Yggdrasil…🍃 Through this small gap, monsters from each world have entered the other dimension and have affected both worlds…! 🙀



    Nine Chronicles’ mascot, Teratoma of Yggdrasil was so small that it slipped through the small dimensional gap between the two worlds. 💥 Or it could have been that our mischievous monster has voluntarily jumped into the world of Revomon and has adapted to the new environment. You might see a very different version of this little monster among the Revomons. It may even be called a different name. In this world, it will evolve into never-seen-before-versions maybe a bigger monster it has become there, as it always dreamed of becoming bigger and stronger.😈 Meet monsters of Yggdrasil in the 3D world, also available in VR, only available at Revomon.



    🎁 Suprise Rewards — Limited Edition Characters


    At Nine Chronicles… unknown forces from Revomon world have affected the already volatile energies of the nine realms and it has created a small glitch in the world, an anomaly. For 2 weeks until this dimensional crack⚡ is fixed, the anomaly will continue to affect Nine Chronicles’ world which will result in a special form of limited characters that can only be created during this season.


    Discover anomalies that this abrupt interference of the external world has created in the Nine Chronicles and enjoy limited rewards that can be earned only during this season. This event will go live around 4th April 2022, with the v100160 release. For more details, keep an eye out for announcements on Twitter! 👀💙


    🪐 About Revomon


    Revomon (Revolution Monsters👾) is a collectible Monster Metaverse VR game integrating NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Revomon is a metaverse where players can meet, socialize, play & earn. It is a collectible monster game where players own what they collect on BNB Chain. Revomon VR has been live since Sept 2021, first in alpha, now in beta stage, recording 70,000 downloads and 200,000 views on Sidequest (leading VR game library). Revomon will be launching its mobile version at the end of April. 📱



    Nine Chronicles is powered by Planetarium. Planetarium is devoted to powering games with communities. Planetarium builds online games that utilize decentralization, gamefi, and open source to empower their player communities. 💪


    Nine Chronicles Universe will continue to expand beyond the nine realms… more 💥dimensionional collisions💥 may continue to affect Nine Chronicles world in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more updates! 😻


    If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to visit our Discord to join and learn more about the open source MMORPG network powered by the community. Cheers! 👋


    Ctto. 9Chronicles

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    9 chronicles update


    Sweep Update: We’ve got no time for this!(ft. v100190)

    Dear All,


    Surprise! Surprise! A new function has been updated with the v100190 release. Have you tried the sweep function already?


    Battle > Waiting > Drink AP Potion > More Waiting > Battle > More & More Waiting > Drink AP Potion > More & More & More Waiting ….


    We are all tired of going through the same old routine when collecting materials for crafting. Now, the newly added “Sweep” function will ease up your labor.



    [ Overview ]


    Applicable to stages already cleared with 3 stars

    Remaining AP ponts+ Up to 10 AP Potions at one go (meaning max 264 battles at once)




    You can only use the total amount of your remaining AP points. This means that you cannot only use part of your AP Points. 0% or 100%.

    While leveling up during the sweep, the Exp points will be given accordingly. The amount of Exp points will vary even within a single sweep.

    Cannot use consumables during the sweep

    For Mimisbrunnr, the sweep will not be available. Boost is still in use.



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