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    Hello Hardforkers! Hardforking family! I will a couple of basic guides that can help you with your Nine Chronicles adventure! You can also post and share some tips that can help us all in playing 9C! 🙂

    So as we all know before Nine Chronicles is barely playable specially if we don’t have a decent PC which caused discouragement to new players to be able play and enjoy the game.

    However, those days are gone! Actually, for the past few months now Planetarium (Nine Chronicles) have been finding ways to have user friendly experience to their users specially to those who really wants to play but unable to due to it’s heave data process. Since 9C requires huge data processing if playing in local node to confirm every transactions/blocks in Planetarum’s blockchain which requires redownloading HUGE AMOUNT of blocks and snapshots all over again in.

    Planetarium then released RPC in test mode, which resulted to significant pump of DAU’s (Daily Active Users) Meaning, a lot of users are now able to play and enjoy the game smoothly.

    This is because users can now connect directly to Planetarium’s RPC server or webserver instead of your own local node, this users can now play and enjoy the game without having their PC’s stressed out! 😀

    So long story short, it’s never too late to play the game! Lot’s of amazing rewards and events coming this year! So go ahead and start playing Nine Chronicles! 😀

    For those who haven’t registered yet, you can use my activation link since you will need one to play the game:



    Also, you can also check out my video on how to use RPC or Remote Headless mode. This video also shows how to switch RPC node (How to switch to a better, faster, smoother server/node).

    Please do like comment and subscribe, let know what you think or any violent reactions 😆


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Nine Chronicles, a fully decentralized Role-Playing Game, announced the updated version of the game’s roadmap for 2022. This year’s update will include updated from the Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals (NCIP). A community voting will also be held every quarter to gain community insights about the game and push new features based on the opinions to the next updates.


    Nine Chronicles has received support from Ubisoft and is also backed by Binance. The game’s mobile version is in the development and will most likely be available for iOS and Android by the end of the year.


    The milestones and challenges set for 2022

    Build exciting partnerships and growth opportunities.

    Update systems and basic balance to improve user experience

    Release mobile client and PoS upgrade to grow the userbase

    Add fresh content and reorganize existing ones to offer new competitive challenges.

    Release major updates to revamp Nine Chronicles’ economy with long term growth potential

    Take suggestions from communities and reflect them on the roadmap consistently.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Preventing Abusers, Encouraging HODLers

    During the last season, there were various community complaints on the use of bot accounts.


    To encourage new players to play-and-earn, we have a “medal” system where each battle has a 30% chance of giving the player a season exclusive medal. At the end of the season, a pool of NCG would be divided by the number of total medals earned by all the arena participants.


    Because of possible abuse, there were community suggestions to remove medal rewards altogether, but we decided to resize the amount of rewards while encouraging the community to hold NCG.


    This is why we came up with the following measures.


    The ranking reward will be expanded to the top 2000 players from 500 in season 1, and we will allocate 75% of the reward pool to competition.

    The medal rewards will be reduced to 25% of the total reward pool. This way, even the beginners will receive some NCG, but this season will focus even more on competition, skill, and perseverence.

    There will be aggressive bot detection methods to filter out abusers from farming NCG from the portal

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Reward for Staking

    1. From this season, more rewards will be given to players using the Monster Collection feature, which can be activated by staking 500 NCGs. There will be an additional 200% reward to those who have activated Monster Collection, to a total of 300%.
    2. We are aware that 500 NCG is not a small amount. So with the start of Arena Season 2, Monster Collection’s tier 1 weekly reward will change from 80 Hourglasses to 1 AP Portion & 80 Hourglasses. (The current market rate of 1 AP Portion is around 4 NCG.)
    3. This is a temporary measure, and this will be further polished later on in the official staking update, along with a balance patch. We are focused on creating more utility to NCG, and focusing rewards to holders to grow our network.
    4. 500 NCG staking snapshot will be taken at 3,640,000th block, which marks the end of the Arena Season 2. Activate your Monster Collection before the Season ends!
    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Season 2 Arena: How to Participate

    Joining the Arena’s 2nd season is very simple!


    1. Unlock the arena mode after clearing level 17.
    2. Compete in the arena and get a higher rating.
    3. Use the Nine Chronicles portal to check the full standings as the data will be displayed in the portal.
    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Arena Season 2 Rewards

    Weekly Arena Rewards

    After every Arena week (every 56000 blocks), top players will be allocated maximum 84000 NCG, depending on their ranks.

    There will be a total of 2 weekly reward allocations during this Season.

    Medal Rewards

    1. The allocation of Medals is similar to the previous season’s distribution. For every Arena battle, there is around a 30% chance of attaining a Season 2 Medal for each player.
    2. After the season, a maximum total of 56000 NCG will be distributed among Arena participants according to Medals attained and Monster Collection usage. The harder you play, the more rewards you get.
    3. There will be an additional 200% reward to those who have activated Monster Collection, to a total of 300%.
    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Caution — Item Level Requirement wll be introduced after Season 2

    1. We expect our adventurers to prepare for Arena Season 2 in advance, crafting items or buying them at the marketplace.
    2. As been shared on the roadmap, item level requirements will be introduced after Arena Season 2 ends. This is a core update for balancing the economic system, by lengthening each equipment’s lifetime and stabilizing the equipment market rates. As a design guiding principle, players will be able to utilize items a single tier above their power level.
    3. We are sharing the item equipment table below. We hope this guide helps you with market and arena preparation. Also, this is not the final balance — there will be a testnet launch where players will be able to try out the balance, and we will listen to the community’s feedback before the final release later this month.
    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF


    1) What is ‘Monster Collection’?



    Monster Collection is a feature that allows players to earn core resources by depositing Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG). To participate, you will need to open the Monster Collection screen at the launcher and then stake NCG. The more monsters you collect, the higher your rewards will be. If you decide to stop collecting, you will get all your deposited NCGs back. The rewards collected are Hourglasses and Action Point (AP) potions. These help accelerate player growth and are tradable in the marketplace.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF


    2) Any schedules to check for reward distribution?


    🏆 Arena Reward: Weekly distribution


    Arena rewards are distributed “every week” just like the previous season. The arena rewards will be given out after the end of each arena week (every 56000 blocks), so players will have a chance to compete for prizes multiple times during the season. Arena reward for the first week will be distributed on Wednesday, 16th March(KST)!


    👾 Staking (Monster Collection) Bonus: Distribution after the end of the season


    Staking Bonus will be distributed once the season has ended. NCG staking snapshot will be taken at 3640K block, which marks the end of the Arena Season 2.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Medal Reward: Distribution after the end of the season


    We will not count the number of medals you had before the 3528K block, which is when the Arena Season 2 has started. Only the medals earned during this season will count. Once the season has ended, up to 56000 NCG will be distributed among Arena participants according to the number of Medals attained and the activation of Monster Collection. If you had put more effort into it, the more you will earn from it.



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🔗 Revomon × Nine Chronicles


    There has been a temporary dimensional gap created between the world of Nine Chronicles and Revomon due to the ominous energy of Yggdrasil…🍃 Through this small gap, monsters from each world have entered the other dimension and have affected both worlds…! 🙀



    Nine Chronicles’ mascot, Teratoma of Yggdrasil was so small that it slipped through the small dimensional gap between the two worlds. 💥 Or it could have been that our mischievous monster has voluntarily jumped into the world of Revomon and has adapted to the new environment. You might see a very different version of this little monster among the Revomons. It may even be called a different name. In this world, it will evolve into never-seen-before-versions maybe a bigger monster it has become there, as it always dreamed of becoming bigger and stronger.😈 Meet monsters of Yggdrasil in the 3D world, also available in VR, only available at Revomon.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🎁 Suprise Rewards — Limited Edition Characters


    At Nine Chronicles… unknown forces from Revomon world have affected the already volatile energies of the nine realms and it has created a small glitch in the world, an anomaly. For 2 weeks until this dimensional crack⚡ is fixed, the anomaly will continue to affect Nine Chronicles’ world which will result in a special form of limited characters that can only be created during this season.


    Discover anomalies that this abrupt interference of the external world has created in the Nine Chronicles and enjoy limited rewards that can be earned only during this season.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire 🔥

    On May 25th, we launched the second chapter of Nine Chronicles with the release of the fifth world. Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire, introduces seven new Lizard monsters and a glorious new battlefield. Be cautious though, these lizard monsters have hard skin and are resistant to fire!



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF
    1. Nine Chronicles v100045
    2. Muspelheim, Monster Collector, and ranking 2.0 released in this update!

    One important quality of life feature was just added: you can now check your NCG balance in the launcher.


    Stay tuned for huge updates arriving in the coming months! As always, we’re doing our best to grow our special community while making this journey more fun for everyone involved.


    Cheers 👋

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