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    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    What’s waiting for you?

    There are a few things that you might be interested in reading. What updates are waiting for you in the near future? Check out the new features below! Get yourself ready for the future!


    Arena under construction


    Looking for better competition? From June, Arena will be very different. Arenas will be more frequent, as in monthly, and well organized (Hopefully). Also, the arena will have tiers, meaning that in some arenas throughout the year, only selected warriors can join the battle. But don’t worry, if you are diligent enough you will make the cut.


    What’s that shiny thing?…. Crystals?


    Right now, NCG is the only currency that’s being used in Nine Chronicles. However, we will be adding a new currency system, CRYSTALS! You can earn them from your old and out-of-date equipment. So, make sure you don’t throw them away just yet (oh wait, you can’t).


    Gotta catch them all! Monster Collection


    Many of you asked about staking, Monster Collection, on Discord, and how expensive it is. Well, that will be an old story now. We are preparing a new staking system, where more players can stake and enjoy the fruits of staking altogether. Of course, other rewards such as the Arena reward will also be affected by the new staking system. The more you stake, the more you get. it’s that simple.

    Sia GS-86|HF

    Thanks for all the tips Sir Gyle. I followed you on YT. Thanks for uploading informative and great contents.✨

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Arena Season 4: Rewards Pool and other things to keep in mind


    Arena Season 4 is here. This is the first regular arena season after the total reboot. If you are curious about the reboot, please refer to this article. [Link] In this article, we would like to discuss more details of Arena Season 4.


    [ Timeline ]

    Arena Season 4 will be with block 4,440,400(July 7th), ending with block 4,541,200(July 21st).


    Season is 100,800 blocks(about 2 weeks) long. The ticket refresh time has been extended from 5 tickets per 2,800 blocks to 8 tickets per 5,040 blocks. After Season 4, we will move on to another Off-season before Season 5 begins in block 4,591,601. From Arena Season 4, there will be no Week 1 and 2. Your ranking will be continuously accumulated until the end of the season.



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    [ Rewards ]

    A Great News! Arena Reward Pool has increased! The total reward pool for Season 4 is 150K!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF




    Hold on, and let me finish telling you how things have changed. With the Arena Reboot, more Arena will be held throughout the year. Originally, Arena was held every 1.5 to 2 months with about 240K ~ 250K NCG pool. Within the same period, the NCG reward pool has increased twice and more, totaling 700K over similar period. With the increased NCG pool, players from the bottom to the top will all get better rewards during the same period. Take a look at the below chart.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    (Keep in mind that only the numbers for Season 4 are final, reward pools for later seasons and championships are subject to changes)


    But what’s good about the increased pool when I don’t know how many NCGs I will be getting from each season? To answer this question, here’s the NCG distribution chart for Season 4. This chart will also be applied to coming season 5 and on.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    [ Other things you need to keep in Mind ]

    There will be no week 1 and week 2, therefore, no weekly Arena reward will be provided.

    Your rating will be accumulated for 2 weeks, without any resets.

    Staking will be checked at the end of Arena Season.

    As previously mentioned, there is no staking bonus on Arena rewards at staking level 1.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Introducing WNCG STAKING (ft. Chapter III)

    Nine Chronicles Team is introducing WNCG Staking for incentivizing WNCG-WETH liquidity providers on Balancer. Stake your Balancer pool token here:




    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Participating veBAL

    Balancer has recently implemented veToken model that veBAL holders decide which liquidity pool will get the BAL token emissions. Nine Chronicles team will stay voted for the WNCG-WETH 80:20 Balancer pool while the liquidity incentive campaign continues! Furthermore, the boost will be delegated to the WNCG staking contract to boost BAL reward for the stakers.


    This gives liquidity providers additional BAL rewards, and total WNCG emissions will be reduced accordingly.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Less Impermanent loss

    The incentivized pool is a 80:20 weighted pool. Impermanent loss is smaller for 80:20 pool compared to 50:50 pool, which is more similar to single-side staking.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Cooldown period

    Deposited LP tokens are needed to be cool down to withdraw, like the stake modules of Aave and mStable. This aligns the incentives with the community, by distributing the rewards only to the stakers that bear with the cooldown period.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    How to use

    First, provide liquidity for the WNCG-WETH 80:20 pool on Balancer. Staking popup will appear just after you provide liquidity, but please do not stake there if you want to stake on the new WNCG staking product.

    Go to https://stake.nine-chronicles.com/wncg and stake the LP tokens, 20WETH-80WNCG.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    You can claim WNCG and BAL rewards anytime you want.

    If you want to unstake, you should activate the cooldown timer first. Cooldown takes 2 weeks.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    When the cooldown has finished, you need to withdraw the token within the 3 days of the withdrawal window.

    If you didn’t withdraw the tokens within the withdrawal window, you need to cool down again.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Initial Operation Scheme

    For the first 3 days, only WNCG rewards will be given, without BAL rewards. WNCG will be staked for 7 days and BAL rewards will be provided during the next 7 days. This is similar to how Convex Finance is providing CRV rewards.

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