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    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    On June 30th, BAL reward will start, and WNCG reward will decrease accordingly.

    This is a permissionless procedure, therefore if you would like to initiate early BAL rewards, you may do so. However, if you haste and harvest too early, your BAL rewards may be smaller!

    The audit on WNCG staking has not been completed yet. The audit is in progress with Theori, and is planned to be completed in mid-July.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Introducing WNCG STAKING (ft. Chapter III)


    Nine Chronicles Team is introducing WNCG Staking for incentivizing WNCG-WETH liquidity providers on Balancer. Stake your Balancer pool token here:



    Participating veBAL

    Balancer has recently implemented veToken model that veBAL holders decide which liquidity pool will get the BAL token emissions. Nine Chronicles team will stay voted for the WNCG-WETH 80:20 Balancer pool while the liquidity incentive campaign continues! Furthermore, the boost will be delegated to the WNCG staking contract to boost BAL reward for the stakers.


    This gives liquidity providers additional BAL rewards, and total WNCG emissions will be reduced accordingly.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Less Impermanent loss

    The incentivized pool is a 80:20 weighted pool. Impermanent loss is smaller for 80:20 pool compared to 50:50 pool, which is more similar to single-side staking.


    Cooldown period

    Deposited LP tokens are needed to be cool down to withdraw, like the stake modules of Aave and mStable. This aligns the incentives with the community, by distributing the rewards only to the stakers that bear with the cooldown period.



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    How to use

    First, provide liquidity for the WNCG-WETH 80:20 pool on Balancer. Staking popup will appear just after you provide liquidity, but please do not stake there if you want to stake on the new WNCG staking product.

    Go to https://stake.nine-chronicles.com/wncg and stake the LP tokens, 20WETH-80WNCG.

    You can claim WNCG and BAL rewards anytime you want.

    If you want to unstake, you should activate the cooldown timer first. Cooldown takes 2 weeks.

    When the cooldown has finished, you need to withdraw the token within the 3 days of the withdrawal window.

    If you didn’t withdraw the tokens within the withdrawal window, you need to cool down again.


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Crystal System: Chapter III


    NCG is no longer the one and only shiny thing in the game. A new currency, “Crystal” will be introduced to the game. This will lead Nine Chronicles’ economy to another level. You all have obsolete weapons and armors in your inventory, right? Now is the time!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    What about old weapons? Grind them?

    That will be one of the main sources where you will be getting crystals. Until now there were not many usages for old weapons and armors. Let’s put them to good use. A higher-grade item will yield more crystals than lower-grade items. Or items with longer crafting time will yield more crystals. If you are grinding upgraded items (+3, +5, etc.) you will get extra crystals accordingly. Also, you will have a staking bonus (Monster Collection) for crystals.


    Also, when your crafting fails, a portion of your crafting will be compensated with crystals. The amount of crystal you get for failures will be 50% of the amount you would’ve received from grinding the same weapon. However, the Monster Collection bonus will not be applied for failure compensations.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    So, now we have crystals where can we use them?

    🗺️1. New World unlock

    Every time you enter a new world, you will have to pay a one-time entrance fee to open the gates to the new world first. Even if you had the stage open already, it will be locked up again, and will have to pay some crystals to enter.


    ⚔️2. Recipe unlock

    As you proceed with the stages, you will learn new crafting recipes. In order to craft weapons using those recipes, you will have to pay a one-time unlock fee. This also applies to the recipes that are already unlocked. You can unlock multiple recipes at once, however, you can’t pick and choose the recipes that you would like to unlock. Make sure you have enough extra weapons to grind! For newcomers, who don’t have weapons to grind with, you will be receiving 50 crystals for free to get you going.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    So, now we have crystals where can we use them?


    🛠️3. Use Crystals for insufficient material

    Let’s say you are lacking material or two when you are crafting.😒 It’s a bit annoying to go back to the stages and farm the material. Now, you can use crystals to fill the gap! The amount of crystals required will be determined according to the drop rate and rarity of the material.



    💊4. One-time stage buff


    Every time you fail to achieve 3 stars on a stage and can’t proceed, you will receive a star. Once you have collected enough stars required for the stage, you will be able to conjure up one great buff to help you beat the stage with crystals. Of course, it’s not for free, and the number of stars and crystals will vary according to the level of the stage.


    There are buffs from Rank B to Rank SS rank. Buffs are random and you will have to choose one. You can draw 5 buffs or 10 buffs to choose from. When you draw 5 buffs, at least 1 buff will be Rank A or above, and with 10 buffs, at least 1 buff will be Rank S or above. Even after using the buff, you can’t still defeat the stage, you can collect the stars again and draw the buff once more.


    These are only several things that are included in the next update. More features on the crystal will be coming soon. 💎



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🙌Slow down, Register? Off-Season?

    Yes, there’s a lot to take in. Each Off-season, you will have to sign-up for the upcoming arena season with a small number of crystals. You can still sign-up even after the season has begun, but the entrance fee will increase. This will hopefully deter Bots from entering the arena just for the reward. There won’t be NCG rewards for Off-season, but materials for food will still drop.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Championships and Grand Finale?



    Championships are a higher-tier battleground for the bravest of all. To participate, each player will be required to collect a certain amount of medals from previous seasons, a.k.a Entry Conditions. (i.e. to participate in Championship 01, you have to earn medals from Seasons 01~03) If you don’t have a sufficient amount of medals, you won’t be able to participate in the Championship. However, Championships are where you can aim for special ranking rewards such as costumes and more!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🏅Medals? Then bots will just dominate?

    No, because medals will only drop and will drop 100% when you win a battle. So, you will have to carefully choose your opponents (Stop beating on Wabbs!) While we are talking about wins and losses, the rating system has been simplified. Your rating will go down when you lose in a battle.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🔖What about tickets?

    Tired of staying up all night for your tickets? Now the ticket refresh time has been extended from 5 tickets per 2,800 blocks to 8 tickets per 5,040 blocks. Did you lose a few tickets even with the extension? You can buy more tickets to make up for the tickets you’ve missed, but don’t do that too often, it will cost more every time you buy tickets. 🤞


    And with the power of crystals, you will be able to conjure up a “Buff Bonus” to aid your battle. There are various kinds of buffs you can benefit from. But just to spice up a little bit, it will be random, “Gacha” style. It might come in handy when your CP is not so far away from your opponent.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    😮Tell me more things that are different?!

    On top of the things that are mentioned above, there are several other changes to the Arena.


    You can now save your Arena equipment settings, apart from your adventure inventory. You can save, and change them in the Arena room.

    For a better Arena experience, your HP will double up in the Arena battles.

    Elemental damage will now be in effect for Arena Battles. It’s time to think about the elements of my weapons and opponents’ armor. The extra damage will occur according to elements of each other’s weapons and armors.

    “Miss” feature on normal attacks and skills is added to the arena, according to your ‘Hit’ stats.

    The percentage of skill usage will now be changed. Your strongest skill will be activated first according to its activation percentage.


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    🌟 NINE CHRONICLES Community Support Program 🌟


    We are proud to announce the launching of the Nine Chronicles Community Support Program!

    Nine Chronicles is one of the best community-driven games that’s out there, and we are not shy to say so. We believe in the power of the community and its potential. Therefore we would like to form a Community Support Team to cultivate better and support our community.


    Community Support Team will launch not to oppress the users nor to give them disadvantages, but to help the community and make improvements here and there. Our works may not always be visible and recognized by the people but we know that one day they will prove their own value.

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