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    Megan GS-123 | HF

    Thanks for sharing Sir Sean 😊

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Its still on pc and web currently as of now according also of one of the mod if megacube on the discord not applicable on mobile . That’s why when I try I using phone I couldn’t get through, thanks sir Sean for sharing this. Hopefully it will be on phone also.

    Sia GS-86|HF

    I love the concept of the Megacube. It’s collaborative and fun. But unfortunately, it’s only available for pc. Still, thanks for sharing Sir and goodluck on that✨

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Visit the Megacube and log in to start playing. You’ll be provided with a basic Megacube drill to mine cubes.


    Load the layer you want to mine and use the drill to remove the smaller cubes that compose each layer. To erase the cubes you have to click each one several times. Cubes have to be mined one by one, layer by layer, until the core is reached.


    You can only mine one layer at a time until the 100 layers are removed. Each one represent NFT Projects and NFT artists all over the world.


    The first player to reach the core will obtain the biggest and most valuable prize!

    You can get awesome rewards from sponsors, hidden in random cubes!


    We’ve hidden thousands of rewards all over the cube! You can’t know where exactly they are but if you mine a cube with one of these rewards, congrats!


    There’s two kind of rewards:

    MATIC MATIC rewards will be automatically send it to your wallet. It will take a few minutes, but you don’t need to do anything to claim it rocket

    ETH MAINNET rewards are a bit special. There’s not too much of this kind of rewards. If you earn one Mainnet reward, you must visit the Megacube website and claim it manually.

    With CubeDust Cube Dust, you will be able to claim special MegaCube wearables! These wearables will give you a cool passive power up to make your game a bit easier coolbanana


    These power ups will be displayed in your screen.

    In Megacube you have a standard drill, your most precious tool to play and mine the cube.


    You can buy shards with CubeDust Cube Dust in each Sponsor Layer! These shards will change your drill appearance with an awesome custom design.


    Who knows what secrets hide the shards, but don’t forget to collect them all!

    The Megahall is the entertainment area composed by booths, NFT galleries and much more.


    This is the place where you can exchange the CubeDust Cube Dust, rest from mining, or have a blast in every Sponsor Booth and enjoy the +40 hours music streaming!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Discord airdrops will be done during next week.


    SCK cannot be claimed yet. It needs a contract upgrade, we’ll announce it once is done. Might take a few weeks


    CubeDust will be usable in the future


    There will be more events along the year


    Market will only be replentished during events

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    After a long break, we are incredibly excited to share the news that Decentraland’s Game Jam is coming back for 2022 and will run from May 17 to June 14!


    This time we’re partnering with MetaGameHub DAO and we want to see the most entertaining experience you can code for Decentraland’s community. Entries will be judged based on overall idea, game design, interactivity, creativity, and ‘wow factor’.


    Prizes will include LAND, MANA, and MGH rewards.


    Read more about the game jam, rewards, and rules on our blog: https://decentraland.org/blog/announcements/the-2022-decentraland-game-jam-is-here/

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF



    As we announce yesterday, Megacube 2 rewards are available for claiming again.


    There’s still tickets of people trying to log in unsuccessfully to the website but you don’t have to worry about it. We’re trying to solve this issue as fast as we can and we will make another announcement when it’ll be finally solved.


    warning We’re going to close every ticket relating this common issue warning


    And remember:


    SCK is not yet claimable and the ETH network is currently experiencing minor technical hiccups.



    If you have any other questions or concerns open a ticket in #📮│need-help


    Thank you!

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