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    Sia GS-86|HF


    📌The wool rush is the best Townstar strategy for the early game if starting in a forest with at least one river. These requirements are vital for this strategy.

    📌Sell all the resources in your town and destroy the farmhouse, silo and wheat fields. This should provide enough resources for the full build.

    📌For this strategy, you need a sheep pen on the edge of the river and the following buildings: a storehouse, a trough, 2 feed mills, 2 ranch houses and a lumberjack.

    📌Then place a road and a Bitrue Wheat stand near the feed mills.

    📌With this setup, the ranchers will fill up automatically, the lumberjacks will provide wood for the wool recipe and the ranchers will provide food for the sheep.

    📌Selling 10 wool gives 45’500 dollars in-game currency which is enough for another sheep pen. Allowing you to expand this setup to start bringing in huge amounts of cash to set you up perfectly for later projects.


    📌This game has split the world up into plots of lands that players can build their land on. There are 3 biomes based on the plot’s location, forest, plains and desert.

    📌Forest is the easiest starting location as it has lots of natural resources to provide an early boost.

    📌Plains is best for ranches as it has lots of space. Deserts have late-game resources like oil and sand but are hard to get started in. The biome is essential to the strategy used.

    📌Another aspect to consider is the worldwide location. You want to be as close to a city as possible. This reduces travel time for your resources to get to the city when selling them.

    📌Furthermore, the terrain surrounding a plot can massively impact it. Nearby ocean limits crop growth due to saltwater, but can be used in the production of brine and harvesting sand.

    📌Nearby rivers provide a passive water bonus to crops. Mountains block wind and provide shade, they are also required to make mines for various resources.

    📌These are all important factors to consider when picking a starting location as it dictates strategy greatly.


    📌Gasoline is required to transport a Town’s produce when selling it. Players will quickly run out of gasoline, so creating a production line is essential to long term success.

    📌To produce gasoline, start by building a worker house and place a water facility down next to it. Once complete, build an oil pump and a wind turbine to power it.

    📌While these become building, construct a warehouse to store the energy produced. Then build a paved road to where the refinery will be constructed.

    📌Once the refinery is built, the Town should begin creating gasoline. The worker will begin transporting all the resources to the correct locations and the build will be complete.

    📌Just keep in mind that this will cause pollution so try to build it away from your crops. These are just some key tips to improve your Townstar best strategy and increase your earnings.

    Source: https://www.esports.net/crypto/games/townstar/best-strategy/

    What strategies have you tried and which are effective? Let us hear your insights✨


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Daily Challenges

    How often will the Daily Challenges change?

    At launch the Daily Challenges will be the same, but they will reset every 24 hours. Reset will happen at 0:00 UTC.


    Are Daily Challenges on individual or universal time?

    Universal. Challenges will change at the same time for everyone every day. This is subject to change.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Season Passes

    What is a Season?

    A Season is a to-be-determined length of time that your Pass will allow you to participate in Daily Challenges and potentially earn TownCoin. You will need to purchase a new Pass for each Season.


    Can I purchase multiple Season Passes?

    This is to be determined.


    Will I be able to purchase and gift Season Passes in the future?

    Not at first, but possibly in the future.


    Will there be a lifetime Season Pass available?



    Will there be an auto renew feature for Season Passes?

    Not at first, but possibly in the future.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Weekly & Play-to-Earn Servers

    What is the Weekly Server?

    The Weekly Server hosts the Weekly Competition in Town Star where people fight for top rankings to earn GALA. While you can also participate in the P2E aspects, it is not required.


    What are the Play-to-Earn Servers?

    The P2E Servers run for 30 days allowing you to create amazing builds for your towns AND earn TownCoin by completing your Daily Challenges.


    Will all instances of the Play-to-Earn Server be open at the same time?

    Yes. You will be able to choose where you would like to place your town in any of the servers.


    Can I play in both the Weekly and Play-to-Earn Servers?

    Yes. You can have a town in both places, however you can only be active in one at a time and only collect TownCoin from ONE per day.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Place NFTs — Earn TownCoin

    There you have Town Star P2E boiled down to its simplest form. Owned in-game items will soon be eligible for the added bonus of earning daily allocations of TownCoin.


    How Much TownCoin can I Earn?

    Placeable NFT items will earn TownCoin based on their on-chain rarity.



    All node operators will receive daily distributions of TownCoin when their nodes have met the daily requirements.



    Each player’s ability to place NFTs in-game that are P2E eligible will be limited by a new player attribute called Gala Power. On release, Gala Power is defined as the amount of GALA held in a user’s wallet, but in the future it will also include factors such as NFTs, account age, TownCoin holdings, and referrals in the Gala Power calculation.



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Do I Have to Play?

    Yes. Because this is a play-to-earn game and not a mining operation, you will absolutely and always be expected to play the game in order to earn your daily rewards. We will be introducing a series of Town Star Daily Challenges. They will start out simple (gather X amount of Star Points in a 24 hours period), but as time goes on, the daily challenges will evolve and shift. Some challenges may even be difficult to complete.


    Completion of the daily challenge will be necessary to unlock your daily TownCoin rewards, always acting as gatekeeper to your earnings. Don’t play the game and you won’t gather the sweet rewards.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    P2E Seasons

    For the early access launch, every player will be able to experience Town Star P2E without any additional expense, but an important part of this plan is the eventual implementation of Season Passes, which will be added immediately after the Beta launch period.

    The exact length of each Town Star Season is not yet decided, but purchasing the Season Pass at a small relative cost is a very necessary piece of this puzzle to avoid player opportunities for abuse and exploitation.


    Just like all NFTs, a percentage of Season Passes will always be distributed to node operators, even before they are available for purchase.


    We are incredibly excited to propel this game that we all love into the stratosphere of play-to-earn. As we continue to grow our incredible team daily, Gala Games is beyond grateful to our community, whose support makes all this growth and success possible. We will always empower and support you in any way we can, and we will raise the bar for the entire world of own-your-experience gaming.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Massive Competition Rewards

    The illustrious return of the competition couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve massively expanded the prize pool for the competition server– far beyond what it’s ever been before! The prizes in GALA for each week are:


    1st — $15,000

    2nd — $10,000

    3rd — $7,500

    4th-10th — $3,000

    11th-100th — $1,000

    101st-200th — $715

    201st-300th — $450

    301st-1000th — $150

    1001st-2000th — $50

    Like last year’s May Mayhem, the competition will happen in 4 separate rounds with a new competition each week. The first week kicks off May 3rd and runs through May 9th. Get your strategies prepared, Town Stars!


    Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be given out as prizes to those who rank in the top 2000 each week during the month of May, and there will be additional bonus prizes for random placements each week!


    These bonus prizes will be given to different, undisclosed ranks across the leaderboard each week. The amount of places rewarded and the reward amounts will vary each week, but the total of these bonus rewards will come to an extra $40,000 in GALA each week!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Enhanced P2E

    The Play-to-Earn servers aren’t going to be left out of all the MAYhem. In addition to normal earnings throughout the month, the P2E servers will also have bonus rewards on each server that reward random placements throughout the leaderboard.


    For P2E servers, May will be divided into 2-week segments. Instead of the normal 30+ days, you’ll only have 14. A live stream will shortly follow each 2-week session during which numbers will be selected to win prize GALA.


    During May, these bonus prizes will total up to over $200,000 rewarded to Town Stars on the P2E servers. Again, these aren’t rewards for the top of the leaderboard… there’s plenty of that in the competition!

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Mayhem Comes to Town

    April showers bring May millions in Town Star by Gala Games

    May Mayhem has finally arrived, and this year we’re bringing even more rewards directly to the streets of Town Star! Last year May Mayhem was huge, and this year we’re going even bigger. As we mentioned last week, $2 million in rewards will be coming to the Town Star community during the next month!


    We’ve got a huge pool of extra rewards in GALA and NFTs to spread around this year throughout Gala Games. There will be ways for everyone in Town Star to get in on these added rewards, regardless of whether you play in the competition or on a play-to-earn server! Here in Town, there is just no way to describe May other than total mayhem.


    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    New in Town

    To celebrate the mayhem, we’re implementing an all new referral program into Town Star for the month. There’s never been a better time to introduce your friends to play-and-earn.


    Each friend you refer to Town Star during May will make progress towards an epic NFT reward. You’ll need to refer 10 new Town Stars during the month to get a shiny new Feed Bot!

    Once you click this link, you’ll be given your unique referral link that you can share.


    Anyone who signs up for Town Star with this link will count towards your Feed Bot reward, but they will have to actually play the game. You’ll see an in-game counter that shows your progress toward reaching the goal of 10 and earning your Feed Bot NFT.


    Get out there and share the greatness of Town Star with the world, and you may end up with a limited edition Feed Bot helper for your town.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Where’d the NFTs Go?!

    Yep! As part of the restructuring of the Town Star economy, we removed all TOWN-earning items from the Town Star store. You still may have a good chance of finding some of them on the secondary market at OpenSea.


    Every single Town Star NFT we pulled from the shop today will be burned from supply. Let that sink in.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    This brand new Town Star NFT will be available starting on Monday, May 16th at 2pm PT, the same time Town Crush May Mayhem begins.


    Here’s how it works. While playing Town Star, your Ranchers will collect Eggs from your Chicken Coops. They could put those Eggs into the same old Storehouse you’re used to, or they could stow them in style in this incredible egg-shaped building that stores up to 40 Eggs.


    This NFT has no associated earnings in Town Star, but we think you’ll find it both delightful and extremely useful. Look for it in the Town Star store starting Monday, right before you settle in for hours of matching 3

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