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    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    Will node operators get daily TOWN distribution?


    Yes, if they complete their node requirements for that day.





    NFTS & Play-to-Earn


    Will you only be able to earn with placed NFTs?


    Yes. You will also need Gala Power and Town Power.


    Will skins also earn TOWN?




    What is the difference between a placeable NFT and one you apply?


    Placeable NFTs are buildings or bots that do tasks for you or allow users to hold more items in storage. Skins are NFTs that you apply that (may) give you bonuses. Only certain placeable NFTs earn TOWN.


    Will there be a max number of VOX or NFTs I can place in my town? What happens if I place more NFTs than my power Level?


    A user can place as many NFTs as they possess. But they will only earn from the NFTs covered by Town Power and Gala Power.


    Will VOX need to be placed by a road?


    Yes, and certain NFTs need to be by a road as well.

    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    What can my VOX earn?


    Certain VOX are placeable and can earn TOWN in Town Star. The rarities are determined by rarity.tools and the amount of TOWN they earn will vary.


    Will VOX placed have proximity effects?




    Will the Farmbot be usable in the future?




    Do my NFTs need to be placed while doing the Daily Challenge?


    For the purposes of play-to-earn, your earnable NFTs only need to be in your town when you collect your TOWN earnings.


    What is the NFT transfer cool down?


    Each time an NFT is transferred, it incurs a cool-down period to prevent abusive behavior.




    Purchasing NFTs from a 3rd party marketplace such as OpenSea or transferring them from one wallet to another will cool down the NFT transfer.


    NFT transfer cool-down does not incur when purchasing NFTs directly from Gala Store.


    How long is the NFT transfer cool down?


    The NFT transfer cool-down may take up to 48 hours.



    KrisVirgo HF-06 |HF

    The higher the level a person has, the more NFTs they can place down. Gala Power includes GALA and game tokens such as TOWN that may be in a person’s Treasure Chest or inventory.


    This level is updated in real time, but a browser refresh may be required to view an updated value.


    Withdrawing GALA or other tokens does immediately affect the Gala Power an account has.


    In order to get more Gala Power or to learn about leveling up, please read this article to learn more: Calculate a Gala Power Level with Gala Power


    Note: This information is subject to change at any time.

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