Nine Chronicles Explained

What is Nine Chronicles?

Hardforking brought this game to our community in early 2021. We have seen significant growth in the uptake by the community and have given away 1000s of NCG in prizes to date. So what is Nine Chronicles and why do we rate this game so highly?

Every year, tens of thousands of games are created with 2021 seeing an explosion in the play to earn space.  Many games disappear over time and many never progress past a trailer and heavily marketed token. Nine Chronicles is an exception to this. The team have brought us a game that is a true blockchain project with everything that happens in the game being recorded on its custom built blockchain. This makes Nine Chronicles unique and very special in our opinion.

The lifecycle of an online game heavily depends on its revenue. And the revenue of a game is often not directly related to the core content — whether that may be art, story, interaction, or any kind of emotion that incites users.

This often leads to one-sided monetization schemes that can suck the money from users but never give back. At the worst scenario, what you purchased and earned will disappear when the game company decides that maintaining the network is no longer profitable. Where Nine Chronicle is totally different is in its approach to creating a game that is community owned and will exist on the blockchain forever, we LOVE that!!

In most other models the game belongs to the publishers and developers, especially the revenue part. The actual players who equally make the game what it is, may never benefit from the growth itself. What is worse — all the time and effort, and memories built within the game — can disappear completely if the company simply decides to turn the network down. And the efforts to preserve what you love can be met with great resistance.

Nine Chronicles Characters

Back  in 2018, the team behind Nine Chronicles which is a company called Planetarium  dreamt of a game network that could last forever and be governed by the players. Back then, no one done this or even dared to try and create a multiplayer online game that fully runs on a blockchain. The technical challenges in doing this are very steep and the game still has some way to go to make the game play smoother . Blockchain such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were never built to run an entire online game, and the team at Planetarium continue to work hard on improving the custom built blockchain that Nine Chronicles runs on.

Nine Chronicles celebrated its first birthday in October of 2021. The  community has earned over 15M NCG in the first year.  Season 0 was viewed as very must a trial run for the game. Issues were present with the game launcher needing to be restarted many times but our over all experience was very positive. In all 896,000 NCG was won by 4000 players who took part in season 0. A huge amount in anyones book. Season 1 is now upon us Here are details.

  • Arena Season 1 starts on December 7th, 2021 (from block 2,912,000and ends on December 21st, 2021 (to block 3,023,999)
  • 448K NCG Pool split among the arena participants

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You can find many streams dedicated to helping you with strategies and game play. We also have regular content on our youtube channel website and in our discord.

Nine chronicles has a content creator program so be sure to check their discord for details. Hardforking also runs many competitions and giveaways. We are also in the process of selecting our best games to join our Nine Chronicles guild. Please DM any of the managers in discord or apply for this on the website.

📈 1 Year Milestones for Nine Chronicles

Network Statistics

  • 2500+ Nodes powering the network daily
  • 9,200,000+ On-chain Battles
  • 1,500,000+ NFTs crafted by players
  • 472,000+ NFTs traded on in-house decentralized marketplace
  • 80M $NCG market trade volume

Funding and Partnership

  • Raised $13M USD from prominent VCs and public backers to scale up the Nine Chronicles network and ecosystem
  • Partnered with Animoca Brands, Hashed, Divergence Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Sfermion, Hypershere Ventures, SkyVision Capital, The Sandbox and more.

Game features and ecosystem

  • Launched Play2Earn Portal, distributing over 2,300,000 NCG to players
  • Introduced monster collection feature (staking version 0) and opened up World 5
  • Rolled out ecosystem support program for content creators and developers
  • Held Arena Season 0, distributing 896,000 NCG to 4000+ players.
  • Launched our Ethereum Bridge, which was used to bridge over 66M NCG &WNCGs
  • Launched Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposal, a gathering of the best ideas and proposals from the community
  • Launched a feature-complete new block explorer through our ecosystem partners
Nine Chronicles Arena Season 1


  • 37K active Discord users, 43K Twitter followers
  • 60+ content creators and 3600+ created content
  • 35K players from 143 countries
  • 12,000+ NCG holders
  • 96K registered portal users — (we hope to onboard you all soon!)
Nine Chronicles on Social Media

🚀 What you can expect from Nine Chronicles in the future

As an open source game that operates entirely on chain, Nine Chronicles in our opinion is the future of online gaming. It is  owned and run by the players.

Nine Chronicles Economy 2.0

The team at Planetarium is working together to build a sustainable economy ready for another phase of growth. Our experience working with them has been very positive and we are committed to helping onboard as many of our community to the game. We believe they have a team that will provide a solid base to make this game a long term success. Yes many of you are frustrated by the lack of a mobile or mac version at present but it is coming.

 Nine Chronicles plan to  introduce a new inflationary sub-currency focusing on play to earn, while building out a robust end content for our highest tier users. An entirely new economic model based on supply and demand is in development, and the initial design will be shared with the community in the format of a new whitepaper later this year.

What is the Unique Strength of Nine Chronicles: Open Source!!!!

Nine Chronicles Shop

We believe open source online gaming is the future and we are very excited to be involved early in the Nine Cronicles world. 

A quarter of the token economy (over $200M) is reserved for content creation, and they are using these resources to fund new experiments that extend the Nine Chronicles network and content. 

If you have an idea for a mini-game, NFT project, metaverse experience, DeFi collaboration, or more based on our assets get in touch with Nine Chronicles or one of the Hardforking managers, we are here to grow this community together.


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