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We Offer Outstanding Marketing Opportunities with our Multi-Platform Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Media Brands.

Statement of Confidentiality

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Who we are

We are a truly international team just like Bitcoin is a truly international currency. We are made up of Bitcoin geeks, Cryptocurrency traders, forking cool content creators, writers, artists and filmmakers. We are very proud to have the Bitcoin family as part of our team as they are truly inspirational to so many people.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted media brand in Bitcoin and Crypto. To educate, entertain and inspire people to adopt Bitcoin as part of their lives. Our mission is to create content with mass-market appeal that will engage people and give them the truth about Bitcoin. We want to help Bitcoin be adopted globally in the next two years.

Let’s get together and Hard Fork the world from Fiat currencies!

What is currently one of the biggest problems with Bitcoin? The problem is, that not enough people know about Bitcoin, what it really is and why they need to get involved. This problem must be addressed by the stakeholders and industry leaders. Educating people on what Bitcoin is, and why it is so very important, has been our team’s mission since the very beginning.

We currently run three websites and participate in multiple social media platforms to achieve this goal. This document will give you the information you need, to see what partnering with us will do for you, your business and for Bitcoin.

Our efforts come from a genuine passion and belief in Bitcoin and our track record shows this well. We offer you to associate your brand with ours. Get unrivalled passion from real Bitcoiners who know this space and are here to help it succeed. Let’s start working together!

Addressing the elephant in the room

At the time when Bitcoin started to come into the consciousness of the masses, a huge hijacking took place. A vast amount of misleading marketing, coming from the ‘ICO cash grab’, has tarnished our industry. Therefore, the public sentiment towards the entire space is currently not in good shape!

This space urgently needs trusted media outlets. It needs high-quality media with mass market appeal. Re-educating the disgruntled public is necessary for 2019 and we must work together to achieve this!

About Us

We are a team of dedicated Bitcoiners and we maintain the multi-platform Bitcoin media brand HARDFORKING. Our goal is to educate the masses about Bitcoin in general, and about what it takes for this space to advance.

We strive to replace the noise and ongoing misinformation about cryptocurrencies with a strong message! We are using quality media and a mass marketing appeal through social media and paid advertising to achieve our goal.

We are a highly committed and very public group of Bitcoiners who are continuing to do all we can to inform, educate and inspire people to believe in Bitcoin.

We have been doing this for the past two years and have remained a Bitcoin and quality blockchain project brand. We have been staying out of the ICO frenzy, remaining true to our mission to bring Bitcoin to as many people as possible.

Our commitment is unwavering and we now seek to increase our reach through strategic partnerships with companies as driven as we are. This is your chance to partner with real Bitcoiners in a serious attempt to advance this space together!



21,233 Subscribers


4,622 Users

Our Team

Sean Stella – Head Forker
I bring 20 years’ experience in computer networking. I delivered major projects in the UK and Europe as the backbone of the internet was build out. I started a PKI consultancy during this period as Crypto and its future applications were something that fascinated me. I have a passion for content creation, working with good people and most importantly devoting all my energy to something I believe in. I have found this in Bitcoin.

Kris Bernadt – Tech Forker
Kris first started looking into bitcoin 10 years ago. Over the last 3 years, Kris has since become an expert in the technical side of bitcoin. Kris started Satoshi House, which is offering a working environment for bitcoin developers. Kris studied Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Technologies at Princeton, Computer science at Harvard and Corporate accounting at Purdue. Kris has a vast knowledge in Bitcoin mining after running his own mining operation.

Didi Taihuttu – All-in Forker
People know me as, dad of yolofamilytravel, dad of The Bitcoin Family, Bitcoin Didi, Didi the Lifehacker the man who sold his house and everything else for BTC. Most people got to know me because of selling all our belongings and investing it into Bitcoin in 2017. To be honest I am just a guy who wanted to change his life with his family after I had been running the hamster wheel full power for 15 years. I needed to change and I did. Everybody can change life if you get a little help with it.

Marcus Falck – Web Forker
eMule P2P Veteran from the very beginning. In the websites most popular period, reached approx. 900.000 Unique visitors a month. Maintaining the server structure for over 450.000 registered community members and 20.000 downloads per day. Redesign & Software Implementation for the discussion boards.

George Urben – SEO Forker
George started web design and search engine optimization back in 1996 when his first website got a number one ranking on Altavista and Yahoo. In 2009 he was certified as a professional internet marketer. Since then he has worked with countless customers in the tourist and diving industry to get their websites optimized for Google and other search engines. From 2012 to 2016 he worked for PassageMaker, a China-based US sourcing company with 11 websites

Our Media Creators

David Stella

Jesse Maddox

Richie Moore

Let’s build our Brands together!

Over one year of research and development took place in 2016 and 2017. 2018 saw the expansion of the brand with multiple media outlets being launched.

A core member, Didi Taihuttu, has been one of the most visible personalities in the entire Bitcoin space. He and the Bitcoin Family travelled to 32 countries in 2018 spreading knowledge of Bitcoin. They have numerous speaking engagements arranged for 2019 and we are in pre-production of a documentary series which will bring their story and knowledge of Bitcoin to a global audience.

Huge opportunities for your brand are available through this and our other media. Our journey is one that will be ongoing for years to come. We want to work with selected companies that share our vision for Bitcoin and Blockchain. We want partners who understand what a relationship with us will deliver over a period of years, not only months. While many brands in our industry are already tarnished by their behaviour, we can proudly say, we are not, and never will be!


The Hardforking brand offers multiple media outlets with a loyal following and an ever growing number of followers. We provide a tailored and consultative approach to building your brand. We can speak at your events globally. Our talented content creation team with a full production suite can produce video content for you. We can act as an introducer to many of the industry’s leading figures and help build your network. From banner advertising to a full marketing strategy we can grow your business and Bitcoins adoption. Let us know your requirements and we will provide a rate card or a tailored quote. Let’s do this!

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